1960s fashion shop trends

Noticed how 2017 witnessed a major ’80s throwback; and 2016, well, that was all about the ’90s? If you’re wondering why fashion designers keep recycling trends (lack of inspiration?), just know that we’re not averse to tipping our hat off to the classics, because, they’re classics for a reason. Like wearable technology (thank you, Rebecca Minkoff), is an innovation of our time that future generations may celebrate, the decades that were, have iconic fashion staples of their own. The biggest sea of change that’s not talked about as much? The 1960’s!

Art, vibrant colours, joie de vivre, all came to being as rebel fashion took center stage in 1967. There was no ill will, no overtones of feminism… just a genuine free-spirited revolt for more flexible fashion. Take, for example, the order of sporting chic A-line mini skirts in place of stern pencil midis. And, with this fashion revolution came so many other signature pieces that are trending on, even 50 years later.

The Pillbox Hat

jackie kennedy pill box hat

The hat with no brim and straight, upright sides became popular when Jacqueline Kennedy (First Lady of the United States in the ’60s) made it a signature piece. The pill box hat went on to make regular appearances in many movies and among the well-heeled A-listers from thereon. Kate Middleton and Carla Bruni are bringing the style back and yes, bright pop colours are leading the brigade.

The Mini Skirt

1960s fashion shop trends

British fashion icon for a reason, Mary Quant had fun with her wardrobe and became a style muse many were inspired by. The youth movement in the ’60s reflected a joyful spirit (look at the ladies in the picture!) And, that mini skirt we wear to work, school, concerts and everywhere else today, was popularised and made acceptable by Quant back then. And the hot pants we love… we have Quant to thank for those too.

False Eyelashes

Presenting Marilyn Monroe’s red lip and beautiful long lashes. Just take a minute to take in the picture of the original blonde bombshell. Done? As much as she’s remembered for her scarlet pout and beauty spot, it’s the Disney eyelashes that added to her glamour quotient as well. Once only used in movies, by the ’60s women on the street, at dinner parties, and those shopping were sporting false, or mascara primed eyelashes. And today in 2017, you have eyelash extension bars at your service, because we just can’t get enough of this beauty trend.

The Bikini

1960s fashion shop trends

Ever saw Beach Party Musical? If you didn’t, you should now. This is where every girl’s dream summer outfit made its grand debut. The bikini made itself popular in the ’60s and although many styles have come and gone and come back again, the little swimsuit is and will continue to be a sensation. Also, we owe the bikini a lot, because what other inspiration do we have to stay fit year after year? 😉

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