Wardrobe revamp

Ever get tired of listening to accusatory comments on your sartorial choices? Do you dread those moments when someone comes up to you early in the morning just to whisper, “Didn’t you wear that red dress two weeks ago?” Now unless you’re a celebrity, chances are that you have a regular sized wardrobe and budget that won’t be able to fit a new outfit for every occasion. But how do you explain to every single perplexed look or backhand comment? It comes down to re-wearing your clothing ensembles without actually “repeating” them. Now how would you do that? Follow these simple hacks and you’ll be ready to rock those 30 clothes sitting in your closet everyday, making it look different each and every time.


Outerwear is almost, always exempt. You can wear the same jacket and coat, as long as it’s appropriate to the weather outside and the season. Plus you can completely transform your outfit by just throwing on a jacket without much effort.

Black blazer tom ford

Tom Ford, £2110

Denim jacket etre

Etre Cecile, £205


Accessories are a quick and easy way to amp up your ensemble. A watch is an accessory that you can wear with all of your outfits, day or night. It’s functional and adds class to your otherwise ordinary look. A statement necklace can also do wonders to your whole outfit. It can make a simple white tee look dressy and draw attention away from the fact that you’ve worn the same tee twice in one week.

Watch woman skagen

Skagen, £160

New look necklace

New Look, £5.50



If you intend on creating a capsule wardrobe it’s of utmost importance to have a core set of basics that are going to stand the test of time. Basic pieces allow you to seamlessly mix and match with other statement garments and accessories.

Leather jacket tom ford

Tom Ford, £4790

Nude pumps valentino

Valentino, £535


When you’ve exhausted your closet and there’s no more you can do, DIY is going to be your saving grace. Plus you can save money for something that people spend hundreds on. So in case you want them £725 Yeezy Sock Boots, all you need is a pair of socks, pumps, glue and scissors. Click here for the tutorial.


John Lewis, £8

Nude pumps

Miso Lexi, £14

Prints and Monochrome:

Follow the 3-to-1 rule for repeating solids versus prints. You can repeat solids 3 times more often than prints because well, they’re just more noticeable.


Pop art print shorts gucci

Printed Shorts, Dolce & Gabbana, £540 

White blouse

Line & Dot, £83.52


Layering is one of the easiest ways of transforming your look. Drape a scarf around your neck or layer a cami with a denim shirt and voila! You’ve got yourself a whole new outfit. And you don’t even have to wear it all the time. Just tie your denim shirt around your waist and revamp your basic white tee and ripped denims ensemble or drape your scarf on your handbag for an instant transformation.

Spring layer scarf

Maison Scotch, £67.53

Spring layer denim shirt

Miu Miu, £290

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