How to wear hats

It’s been all about jewelled hairbands, printed head scarves, and floral crowns the last few years, but boy, are we glad that the classic hat is making a comeback in 2017, because, it’s so much more sophisticated and versatile. Whether you have a long, round, square, heart, or diamond shaped face, there’s a hat that will look just right on you. Now, most of us find this fashion staple a risky investment, because, you can’t help but wonder, can I pull it off? Well, here’s all you need to know about wearing hats without looking like a doof.

Summer hats types of hats

#1 Wide-Brim Floppy Hat

Here’s a straw hat that doubles as a sunblock and keeps you cool. Also, it has a very glamorous vibe so definitely buy one for those special summer socials.

Can I wear it? Yes, of course, you can! Because of its wide unstructured brim, it sits well on all face types. However, it suits long faces best.

Where do I wear it? Days by the beach when you’re on vacation or at that cruise, or pool party, all of them call for massive floppy hats, bikinis, kaftans, and cocktails.

Where can I buy one?  ‘Do Not Disturb’ Straw Hat, Revolve (as pictured) buy here.

#2 Fedora

The ever-stylish Fedora in an all new avatar (in straw, again) that makes it acceptable for summer.

Can I wear it? Fedoras suit most face shapes but the short brim can often be less flattering for women with long faces as it makes them look disproportionally big.

Where do I wear it? Hanging at the park with a few buddies over a picnic or barbecue? Or going to your local flea market for a day of shopping and music? The straw Fedora will be just the right accessory.

Where can I buy one? Straw Fedora, Reiss (as pictured) buy here.

#3 Floppy Hat

The floppy hat is a summer essential that you won’t be able to do without. A tad bit less glamorous than the wide-brim version, it’s a more practical fix for everyday beachside fun.

Can I wear it? The floppy hat works well on long and oval faces.

Where do I wear it? As mentioned, flaunt these hats at the beach, at the park, or at brunch outdoors.

Where can I buy one? Stripe Floppy Hat, Reiss (as pictured) buy here.

#4 Visor

Borrowed from sportswear, the visor has been given a whole new stylish twist, making it a need-of-the-hour accessory.

Can I wear it? A visor looks best on those with heart or long shaped faces.

Where do I wear it? For those not-so-soaring summer afternoons, the visor is just the accessory you need for a sports-luxe look. Wear it to a game, a picnic, or for a stroll with your pups by the ocean.

Where can I buy one? Leather Visor, Revolve (as pictured) buy here.

Winter hats types of hats

#1 Floppy-Brim Fedora

Come winter and the wool hats are out. A favourite among many, the Fedora, gets a slight makeover with a floppy brim instead of the regular structured brim.

Can I wear it? Again, Fedoras look great on most face shapes, except a long face.

Where do I wear it? Due to its versatility, this hat can be worn anywhere at any time. Where it with knee-high boots, jeans, and an overcoat, and you’re ready for a day of luncheons, or even some errands-running.

Where can I buy one? Floppy brim Fedora, Rag & Bone (as pictured) buy here.

#2 Wide-Brim Wool Hat

The winter version of the wide-brim floppy hat, sans floppy.

Can I wear it? Wide-brimmed hats look best on long faces, as it makes them appear smaller.

Where do I wear it? Going for high-tea with the ladies? This extremely chic accessory will have you looking the part.

Where can I buy one? Wide-brim hat, Reiss (as pictured) buy here.

#3 Flat Top Hat

This uber-trendy hat is all things John Mayer. Fedora’s cousin, the flat top hat was made famous by the singer and the style is quite a hit among hipsters.

Can I wear it? Diamond, heart and round faces look great in flat top hats.

Where do I wear it? Heading to a music festival or hanging at your local bar with a few buds? This accessory will help you fit right in.

Where can I buy one? Flat top hat, Revolve (as pictured) buy here.

#4 Beret

This modern take on the French beret will give you a Parisienne feel without having to go to the country.

Can I wear it? Berets look best on long and oval faces.

Where do I wear it? The beret has a rather casual vibe and therefore is suitable for any place at any time. Planning to chill at a cafe all day? The beret could be just the right accompaniment.

Where can I buy one? Elysse hat, Revolve (as pictured) buy here.

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