Instagram is one of our favourite places to take fashion inspiration from. Obviously, we hold the written word high on the charts but it’s true, on a tough day, reading even the simplest of articles feels like a challenge.

That’s why Instagram bloggers are great—all images and very few words! You can scroll quickly through an account like a single girl on Tinder, nope, nope, nope, nope, oh yes—bookmark! This is truest when it comes to Instagram accounts dedicated to shoes. And addicted, we are, to every pretty pair from the high street to high end, TopShop to Manolo Blahnik, booties to stilettos… we want them all.

The fact is, you know within a split second whether you love or hate a pair of heels; unlike clothes, where you want to close in on the details, know the fabric and make, check if the cut flatters your body shape.

So, why waste any time at all? To stay a step ahead of shoe trends, pairing options, and see the fiercest heels, just follow these five Insta bloggers and you’re sorted.


We all love a good selfie from time to time, but From Where I Stand has revamped the urban dictionary term for a daily portrait to a “selfeet” (a daily portrait of your feet!) Obviously, as their name suggests, part of their challenge is to post fun photos from where they stand to show what’s around them. All this, while making sure they’re rocking a trendy pair on their feet.

Expect to see rad kicks, glove mules, and slip on slides from their most recent images, as well as stunning flower arrangement backgrounds, multi-coloured birthday balloons, and the occasional cute puppy looking to photobomb.

From Where I Stand loves a bright white trainer with easy fit Velcro straps. Here’s a pair you can treat yourself to, direct from our site.

New look

New Look, £9


Amsterdam-based “selfeet” blogger I Have This Thing With Floors takes the backdrop idea to a whole new level. It’s all about the kind of floors they encounter, from psychedelic tiles to mosaic and floor prints, each of their photos tells a story about a journey they took that day.

Expect to see bright colours, intricate motifs, patterns to die for, alongside, of course, some uber hot pieces of footwear. Their most recent pics present a pair of pastel pink Gucci loafers, sexy strappy metallic flip flops and a couple of pairs in deep tan and ochre shades. You’ll love this account even just to be able to travel the world through their feet.

Here’s a similar pair of pink loafers if you want to rock this trend.


Tod’s, £331


A post shared by Jane Aldridge (@seaofshoes) on

Jane Aldridge of Sea Of Shoes is a self-confessed eBay addict, hoarder, and lover of fashion. Way ahead of the curve, she started fashion blogging at a very young age and now she has graduated to the ever-growing influencers list of Instagram.

Her account is heavily dominated by her outfit choices of the moment, head to toe looks, including, you’ve guessed it, some very sexy pairs of shoes. She’s rocking the tan trend too, this time in the form of ’90s-style platforms with studded straps of leather, as well as cream slides, and a very naughty pair of animal print heels.

Here’s our favourite pair of leopard print heels to get you in the mood.


French Connection, £42


If you rarely wear anything but heels or simply like to admire them, My Heel Obsession will have you swooning. From “selfeets” to “shoefies”, this proud mum, fashionista and science teacher to boot, knows a thing or two about great shoes.

Her account is peppered with close-up shots and full-length outfit inspos, including cage boot heels, jewel encrusted Jimmy Choos, metallic stilettos, flower power pumps, and everything else you can imagine. Her mostly pure white backgrounds allow the shoes to really stand out and we’re loving the zoom-ins where we can see even the tiniest details on her designer heels.

Here’s a pair you’ll love that are very My Heel Obsession-esque.

Charlotte olympia

Charlotte Olympia, £270


A post shared by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

We love New York-based mamma Eva Chen because her Instagram is full of images that keep it real. It’s her going about her day, looking after her kids, tantrums galore from the little ones, and other hilarious everyday things. All this while she rocks a pair of amazing shoes.

Her most recent inspos have been sporting the furry slides trend, and jewel encrusted Roger Vivier heels, as well as a particular chic pair of striped loafers.

We imagine this is what Eva Chen would recommend:


Givenchy, £385

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