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If you’re hoping to snag a job in the fashion industry, remember that first impressions are everything and yes, you will be judged on how you’re dressed when you show up for the interview. Superficial, much? Well, darling, what did you expect from a profession that makes money off of the next statement piece, designer bags, LBDs, and the clickety-clack of stilettos? Sure you still want to be here? Good, that’s the spirit! If you’re interested in the business of fashion, make no mistake, it’s the ride of a lifetime and an industry like no other. So, as you step into the world of Chanel, Dior, Prada, and Gucci, know that wearing a white shirt and pencil skirt won’t cut it this time.

Why Clothes On Your Back Matter

Dressing for the fashion industry can be more liberal, but it can also be more judgmental—if you can’t get your look right on interview day, how then, will the employer believe you can do the job of judging designers and brands based on these very aesthetics during your term of employment? Did you know? It takes 3 seconds to form an impression about someone you’ve met, or something you see. And, we all do it. The fashion industry has simply made a billion dollar business of it. The pluses, looking good and dressing well does wonders for people’s confidence, so don’t be quick to judge the judgmental. They know what they’re talking about.

Here are three looks geared towards different personalities. Pick one that shows off your best side to land that job in the cut-throat business of fashion!

Look 1—Suit Up Like A Fashionista

If you intend on wearing a sweet skirt suit or pantsuit to a fashion job interview, it’s going to need to be extra special to stand out from the corporate crowd. The interviewer is going to want to be able to see your own personal style and an ill-fitted, off the rack pinstripe is definitely not the way to go. You could opt for separates, but the jumpsuit is the pantsuit of 2017 and you only have to buy one piece, saving you some money!

Stick to neutrals like black or navy and watch your neckline (nothing too plunging, and spaghetti straps are a big no- no). Liven up your jumpsuit with a memorable blazer. Your colour blocking skills can come into play here, or a simple subtle print can work well too. Finish off your look with a statement necklace from a respectable or favourite designer (make sure you know the designer’s name!) Finally, a watch from a recognizable brand says you’ve got good time keeping and organisational skills, and good taste—just be sure not to contradict yourself by being late for the rendezvous!

fashion job interview outfit ideas shop

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Look 2—Dress Me 

Opting for a statement dress is an easy way to show off your personality. The perfect interview dress should be modest yet striking, leaving a lasting impression. Choose one with an overall print that reflects your aesthetic and design viewpoint. It will allow the interviewer to immediately grasp your style. Be sure to stick to colours of the season or a timeless colour palette; the last thing you want to do is arrive for your interview wearing last season’s colours! Allow the dress to speak for itself by pairing it with a minimalist and understated coat but fashion-forward boots. To ensure your dress doesn’t look too, well, dressy, finish the ensemble off with a prepared-for-all satchel bag. Satchel bags not only look professional but are extremely practical, allowing you to carry all the necessary documents, portfolios and your CV inside.

fashion job interview outfit ideas shop

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Look 3—Separates For The Win!

If you choose separates for your outfit, you have a lot more to work with, but also a lot more that can go wrong! Metallics have a memorable wow factor whilst looking chic and sophisticated at the same time. Try a mid-length statement skirt in metallic gold paired with equally eye-catching metallic heels. Even if you’re not a heels kind of girl, just a slight elevation will give you better posture so either pack a pair of ballet flats for the journey home, or brave them out. Since your lower half is saying quite a lot, keep your upper relatively neutral with a simple pale blouse with cap sleeves. Finish off your outfit with a matching cuff bracelet and you’ve got a chic outfit that tells your interviewer you’re the one they want!

fashion job interview outfit ideas shop

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