Easy quick last minute halloween costume ideas

Left picking out a Halloween costume for the last minute, huh? Join the gang. Let’s face it, holidays are about getting the day off more than anything else but, sure, if you’ve got a group of friends or family egging you on to participate, you’ll throw on a witch’s hat and nose. That’s Halloween for you: one big costume party with outrageous hair and makeup because, why not?

There is an easy fix, you know. We’ve figured out hacks to nail the look with some basic beauty buys and ready-to-wear (no extras needed) costumes that are so cool, you couldn’t have done a better job even if you’d spent the whole week on it; no, really… take a look for yourself:


Work the Wednesday Adams look because that’s one creepy cool chick that’s easy to channel. You won’t need face paints and all that jazz—just a nonchalant demeanour, a resting b**** face, two plaits, and this sweater dress (buy here).



Experiencing Stranger Things withdrawal? Dress up like Eleven in this sleeveless collared number (buy here) and carry a box of Eggos. Boom! You’re all set for your cute neighbour’s party, with snacks that you don’t need to hide in your bag for once.


Why not reference a classic and dress up as one of those revered fairytale characters? What we have here is the new-age version of Red Riding Hood, complete with cape and all. A perfect mix of cute and sexy, are you ready to buy that dress?


Looking for a darker theme but don’t want to try too hard? This tutu dress by Nasty Gal (buy here) is the perfect way to reference Natalie Portman from Black Swan. You don’t even need elaborate makeup—a tiara and ballet shoes, and you’re good to go!


This is for all you Harry Potter fans out there. Simply drape the cape jacket (buy here) over a black dress to channel Hermione, or wrap it over a school/university sweatshirt with a crest to go the Harry route.


Who runs the world? Queen B, and her doppelganger who could totally be you in this sexy, sequined bodysuit (buy here). Throw on the suit, shake out your hair and go party all night, all you single ladies.


Picture this: You show up at a party (hopefully packed with potential suitors) in a white T-shirt and holding an ice bucket. The catch, you paint NetFlix on your Tee—Netflix and Chill, get it? Here’s all you need to buy.


This one’s for the super lazy, couldn’t give a damn, ‘You are lucky I even considered getting out of bed girl’: A skeleton print dress (buy here) that you can throw on with a pair of boots… easy, right?

Still looking for inspiration? Here are a whole host of Halloween-appropriate buys that could totally help you nail the look.

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