Stripes trend

This year, it’s time to make space in your closet for one of the most wearable trends of this season. Wondering which one it could be—pop art prints, minimalism, colour blocking? Well, can we have them drum rolls, please! If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about statement stripes. From Fendi’s mix-and-match versions to Alexander Wang’s shirts and dresses covered in mini pinstripes—there were various iterations of stripes sashaying down the runway.

Alexander wang ss 17

Alexander Wang SS 17 via Pinterest

Fendi ss 17

Fendi SS 17 via Pinterest

Move away from classic maritime lines in favor of a bolder alternative this season – the statement stripe. Look at mixing horizontal and vertical lines, interesting colour combinations and varied stripe sizes. Before you delve into the angular world of stripes, make sure you understand your body type first. Stripes can either work for your body type or can look like a complete disaster. Horizontal stripes are known to be slimming, and so are thin stripes. So once you’ve got your body type figured, all you need to do is follow these tips and you’ll be acing Spring 2017’s most wearable trend.

Tips To Ace Stripes

Balance the clingy nature of bodycon striped pieces with sneakers.

Sugarhill dress

Sugarhill Boutique, £32

The easiest way of following the trend is by pairing a striped blouse or any other top with a pair of jeans.

Tibi top

Tibi, £366

Pair stripes with neutral colours, black and white if you want to feel safe.

Kor blazer

KOR@KOR, £32

For those who are top heavy and want to conceal it, a loose striped jacket can do wonders.

10 crosby jacket

10 Crosby Derek Lam, £411

Go for large stripes in unusual colors.

Neera skirt

Neera, £69

Try experimenting with different colour combinations such as red and white, light brown and navy, green and black.

Fendi shoes

Fendi, £625

If a striped ensemble is too much for you, choose accessories instead…

Ted baker bag

Ted Baker, £39

Don’t forget about swimwear! Horizontal stripes are slimming and will show off your summer bod the right way.

Boden swimsuit

Boden, £65

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