how i bought tom ford bestsellers

Fashion fiend, brand enthusiast, trend spotter, luxury lover… yes, I’m all of the above, and I take it very seriously. So while I’ve tried every hack in the book to bag high-end designer wear at the lowest price possible (including second-hand buys), I’ve realised that there’s one effective way you can rest assured you’ll get what you want at the best price.

In the last five years, I’ve managed to snag 4 coveted Tom Ford bestsellers. Now, I know that may seem like a really long time, but here’s the thing with designer goods: They typically last you a decade, achieve classic status so they never go out of style, are always recognisable and desirable even many seasons later, and most importantly, are of top notch quality—good enough to peddle on second hand platforms when you’re done with them. Basically, they’re worth the wait!

So, why don’t you see what I bought, and then I’ll tell you how I did it:

shop tom ford black orchid parfum bestseller

TOM FORD Black Orchid Eau de Parfum (30ml), £55.50

shop tom ford wild ginger lip color bestseller

TOM FORD Lip Colour, Wild Ginger, £40

shop tom ford xbody show shoulder bag bestseller

TOM FORD XBody Show Leather Shoulder Bag, £935

shop tom ford eva sunglasses bestsellers

Tom Ford Eva 0374S Gold 28X Sunglasses, £258

The Secret

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Two of the four are beauty products, but I actually bought the bag before I bought the lipstick and perfume; the sunglasses came after.

Here’s what I realised. It’s better to shop on online cataloging platforms instead of directly on the brand’s (Tom Ford’s) site or at an online retailer. Tom Ford’s main page listed everything at full price. Discounts on popular e-retailers varied and very often, by the time I added the product to cart, it was out of stock.

The way cataloging platforms work (by the way, obsessory is one), is that they host products from top e-retailers across the internet. As a customer, here’s how I made the most of it:

  1. Subscribed to Newsletters of the cataloging platforms and the e-retailers for first dibs on sales, deals, offers, services, and contests.
  2. Waited until the end of the sale so that the prices were at their lowest. (Yes, sometimes this means what you want may go out of stock, but you’ve got to risk it).
  3. Used the cataloging platform to compare prices of the same product on different online platforms. Original price of the Tom Ford leather shoulder bag I bought: £1,870. On Farfetch at 30% off, £1,309. On Mytheresa at 50% off, £935. Well, I, of course, picked up the Mytheresa deal. What’s more, I got an extra 20% off on checkout because my item was above £600. I basically SAVED MORE THAN HALF MY MONEY on a gorgeous bag I always wanted but thought I could never have.
  4. Also, I kept a keen lookout on the delivery charges of different online retailers. This one’s a clincher. Cataloging platforms enable transparency and let you know the final figure down to the last pound (shipping and taxes included) for a host of e-retailers.
  5. The sunglasses that I bought from obsessory were actually a pretty neat deal too. So, the site lets me set the price I’d be willing to pay for them (be realistic of course), and in comes the sale season and I receive an alert saying the sunglasses are marked down to the figure I wanted. Woot, woot!
  6. Another thing to note is that a lot of these cataloging platforms host contests with their partners. Pretty generous ones at that. Like, obsessory is giving away a Gucci GG Marmont Mini bag in a sweepstakes promotion. I’ve obviously entered because you never know when you get lucky, right?

As for now, I move forward with my quest for the next Tom Ford buy. This one’s a bit ambitious but I just absolutely must have the brand’s Padlock Pumps! I’ll keep you updated on when and how I managed to bag it.

shop tom ford bestseller padlock pumps

Tom Ford Padlock Suede Pumps, £730

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