hats caps headgear types

Did you hear? Hats are one of the biggest hair accessory trends in 2017 so move over bandanas, and hair bands, because the floppy, the beanie, the cowboy, and the pillbox hats are here to stay!

Whether you have a long, round, square, heart, or diamond shaped face, there’s a hat that will look just right on you. Now, most of us find this fashion staple a risky investment, because, you can’t help but wonder, can I pull it off?

Well, this infographic guide will show you every kind of hat there is to buy so that you can make an informed decision. The sunnier the weather, the wider should be the brim. Also, our Autumn favourite would have to be the beret, and for winter we’d love a beanie to keep us warm.

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hats caps headgear types fashion infographic

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