Presenting an interview with the creator of a unique belt, combining both premium quality leather with cutting edge technology: CARINE. Carine is the founder of Carine and the Belty team works with fashion designers and leather goods manufacturers to make their users’s life easier and smarter without sacrificing style.

Here are some of the best features’s of the team’s creation: “The belt of the 21st century “:

  • No hole anymore! Belty Power perfectly fits your body with a clever design (luxury hand-made grooves) allowing 16 times more adjustable positions than a traditional belt. 100% leather, no plastic.
  • Style and quality! Belty is artisanally made by L’Aiglon, a premiere Parisian leather company founded in 1889.
  • And can provide you extra-power! Belty Power allows you to recharge your phone when you run out of battery.

Before Belty you were just wearing a belt, now you’re using it. Let’s hear from Craine herself!

1. What sparked your interest in this industry and drove you to create Belty?

We wanted to mix technology and well-being, without creating an additional object. It seems to us that the belt, at the center of our body and worn by 9 men on 10 was the perfect object.

2. When did Belty started off?

We started the company 5 years ago as an ideas’ lab. The belt was an idea among others. We went to the CES Las Vegas with an auto-adjustable prototype which made a huge buzz. After that, we focused mainly on Belty.

3. What are the best design features that Belty hosts?

The challenge with Belty Power was to add the biggest battery (the biggest, the most powerful) inside a buckle without sacrificing the design and the confort of the belt.

4. What makes Belty designs different from all others?

We have a unique ratchet system to close the belt. You can find this system in other belts, but in plastic. Our system is directly hot printed into the leather and has been developed with our partner L’Aiglon.

5. How hard was the journey of coming up with a belt which even functions as a charger.

It was much harder than expected! We faced many issues with our different suppliers in China for the electronic buckle.

6. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started Belty?

You cannot give your baby to someone else! You have to be there at each step of the manufacturing process.

7. How do you balance creativity with commerce?

You have to be creative to sale! As we mainly sale on-line, we work on social medias and creativity helps a lot!

8. Let’s talk about you, How would you define your personal style.

Parisian style, without the beret 😉

9. Brands you think are ruling the roost in: the luxury category; the high end category; the fast fashion category.

That’s not an easy question. From a personal point of view, I would say Hermes (for their craftsmanship on exceptional quality leathers), Michael Kors for the simplicity of his design and for fast fashion…oh gosh, I think the future is rather slow fashion. I like ethical fashion brand such as Alternative Apparel (US) or La Fée Maraboutée with clothes made in Europe and amazing boutique apartments (in France).

10. An upcoming brand or designer you would watch out for?

Gleen Martens! He is a Belgian designer who mixes luxury and street codes. His work is amazing.

11. The three beauty products you wouldn’t leave the house without!

– my bareMinerals kit
– my Elizabeth Arden 8-hours cream if I have to take the plane
– a bottle of argan oil

12. Which fashion decade would you like to time travel to? And why?

In the 20s! Everything had to be invented at that time, and many were! It was a great time for the creative ones.
Clothes are comfortable and stylish, and freedom is the watchword.