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Sneakers have wrangled their way into our daily outfits with the 90s Spice Girls platform keds making way for printed Converse in the early 2000s, and all-white/silver/gold sneakers in the last two years. Women don’t want to trade this comfortable trending piece for the painful stiletto, and luckily, neither do the designers.

Not just a functional trainer or part of sports apparel, the sneaker is at the center of the raging athleisure fashion trend, along with paneled leggings and bomber jackets.

So, there’s no better time to invest in an iconic pair that’s fashion-forward and a blessing for your tired feet, all at the same time. Here are five you should pick from on your next payday:

Adidas Stan Smiths

Top of the charts has got to be the infamous Adidas Stan Smiths. Named after a former world No 1 tennis champion from the 1970’s, Stan Smiths vibed with the cool kids and became a street style favourite a couple of years ago.

What you probably don’t know is, this cult shoe was actually introduced to us back in the ’60s and didn’t sell very well at all. In the beginning, it was named after a French tennis player Halliet, who while very popular in France, didn’t have international appeal. Once Smith was crowned world champion in 1972, Adidas quickly rebranded the shoe to the Stan Smith. Confusing to trainer lovers all over, the rebranding featured Stan Smith’s portrait on the tongue, while the Halliet name still survived on the sole. The signature white trainer was, to be honest, a big flop. They even pulled the style off the shelves in 2012! However, within three years of the style becoming obsolete, Adidas pulled it around by upping their branding game, celebrity endorsement and eventually settling on the style we know it to be today.

However, within three years of the style becoming obsolete, Adidas pulled it around by upping their branding game, celebrity endorsements, and designer collaborations, eventually settling on the style we know it to be today.

raf simons adidas stan smith sneakers

Adidas By Raf Simons Stan Smith Leather Sneakers, £225

What makes the Stan Smith sneakers stand out is, in fact, its collaborators. There are many versions of this sneaker just waiting to be snapped up, from the classic styles of low-, and mid-rise shoes to the special designer and celebrity releases.

Nike Zoom Penny

A long established contender in the sneaker market, Nike pulled out all the athleisure wear stops when they invented the Zoom Penny. The black and gold design was exactly what the market needed—a fresh product that was more fashion than sport. The suede and metallic combo provide clashing textures, and the thick rubber sole is extremely durable.

nike zoom penny sneakers

Nike Zoom Penny 5 Leather Basketball Sneakers, £113

This unisex design is slick and modern and will look the part whether you’re busting a gut at the gym or aiming for an alternative red carpet look.

Gucci White Bow Ace

When Gucci started making sneakers, we weren’t sure the world was ready—but, we so were! Injecting sports equipment with the lavish history of the Gucci brand simply couldn’t be a bad idea. A low top style, the Gucci white bow ace sneakers are a relatively simple concept. Signature stripes across the sides, a round toe, and snakeskin heel tabs make up the staple features of the sneaker but there is one thing that Gucci sneakers have that others don’t—interchangeable embellished sneaker patches 🙂

gucci white bow ace sneakers

Gucci White Bow Ace Sneakers, £795

Yes, that’s right. Following the launch of the White Bow Ace, Gucci brought out an array of embroidered and embellished sneaker patches you can collect as an accessory to your sneaker. Some patches hark back to Gucci’s heritage including the iconic tiger, while others are random images of the moment including spaceships and bows.

You can go all out by choosing crystal embellished patches for some extra bling-bling and the best thing is, it’s like you have a brand new sneaker, just by changing the patch.

Gianvito Rossi Velvets

Urban femininity takes over when it comes to the Gianvito Rossi Velvets. Crafted from a muted dark pink velvet, these low loft trainers feature a rubber sole and are designed for a comfortable fit. Slipping your tootsies into these is like adding glamour to your night out with a glass of champagne–it immediately ups the ante!

gianvito rossi low loft velvet sneakers

Gianvito Rossi Low Loft Velvet Sneakers, £385

Sultry and flirty, velvet instantly conjures up an image of luxury, style, and richness. Velvet as a fabric has gone from strength to strength in recent years, still taking a prime spot at Christmas but filtering through into other seasons too. Aside from the plush exterior, the key to the success of these sneakers is in the colour. Yes, it’s pink but it’s a very special shade of pink that on one hand says “girly” and on the other says, “Don’t mess with me.”

Versace Collection Mesh Low Tops

Finishing off our list, it has to be the Versace Collection Mesh Low Tops. A screaming fashion statement, these trainers come in a monochrome colour palette perfect for the city streets, a zipped front and of course, the all-important V for Versace branding on the sides.

versace collection mesh low top sneakers

Versace Collection Mesh Low Top Trainers, £320

The zipped front is what makes these babies stand out from the crowd. You can wear them as a standard sneaker with a lace up front, or quick as a flash, unzip the fronts for a slip on shoe. Versatility at its finest. This timeless style will easily slot into your existing wardrobe, pairing well with everything from jeans, to skirts and dresses.

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