Want to make the most of your clothes and your body without being a slave to the gym and swearing off chocolate? Of course, you do!

While we’re not encouraging you to give up on your fitness regime altogether, we are letting you in on a little secret. There’s actually a much simpler and less sweaty way to accentuate your curves, and make you look and feel like you’ve just completed a week-long boot camp. And, it all comes down to the dos and don’ts that should govern the way you dress.

All About Proportion

New look skirt

Boohoo, £15.99

Avoid drawing attention to your largest surface areas, and in turn, focus all of the attention on your smallest features. If you’re top heavy, then slim line trousers or even a pencil skirt will do wonders for you. If you carry all your weight down below, a’ la Kim Kardashian, then cinch that waist in with a dynamic belt. Simple.

Fit Is Everything, & So Is Length

Banana republic blazer

Banana Republic, £140

Nobody likes a baggy, ill-fitting dress, especially when it has the potential to pile on unnecessary, imaginary pounds. If you want to look sharp but are body conscious at the same time, tapered jackets will shrink your waist right down. Also, steer clear of tops that end directly at the waist, as they’ll make you appear larger around the mid-section. Ideally, your top and trousers should meet each other just below the waist for the ultimate slimming effect.


Boohoo cardigan

Boohoo, £8

Jacket, cardigan and jumper length is everything. Make your body appear longer and sleeker by going for long-line cuts. Cropped or even waist-length versions of your go-to staples run the risk of making you look shorter and wider than you really are. Ditch them immediately and fill your wardrobe with more flattering lengths!

Slip On A Pair Of Heels


Steve Madden, £33

Not only do heels make us feel sexier, but they also do wonders for our body shape. Heels instantly make your posture better by altering the way you stand and walk and make you appear leaner and taller. Add a pair of stilettos or wedges to your skinny jeans, trousers, skirts—everything, really. Bonus tip: Heels matching your skin tone make your legs appear even longer, thus even more slender.

Bring Your A Game With An A-Line

A line skirt

GAP, £31.99

Whether in skirt or dress form, the trusty A-line hides a multitude of sins. Going out for dinner and want to actually enjoy your meal and not worry about shapewear crushing your organs and restricting you while you’re eating? No problem—slip on an A-line dress or skirt and no one will know a thing!

Belts, Belts, Belts

Jil sander belt

Jil Sander, £150

Choose a wider belt for the middle to make everything around it appear smaller. Placing one directly under your bust will work wonders and actually make your torso look longer. Skinny belts around the waist aren’t a good idea, but if you absolutely must, ensure it goes on the smallest part of your body. Placing it anywhere else will throw your whole shape off.

Know Your Prints

Topshop floral dress

Topshop, £110

While loud prints and bold colours could be fairly distracting, make sure you pick your prints wisely. If you’re going to go for a floral or Aztec print, for example, try and find something with smaller and subtle motifs.

Back To Black

Boohoo dress

Boohoo, £18

Seems obvious, but we can’t possibly talk about the slimming effects of clothing without mentioning the gargantuan slimming power of a black garment. If you don’t fancy a head-to-toe gothic look, spruce things up with some contrast by way of a statement necklace or bedazzled earrings, or add a splash of colour with a colour-popping bag.

Up-Size Your Accessories

Saint laurent bag

Saint Laurent, £2275

Large tote bags aren’t a hot favourite just because they allow us to take our entire world with us wherever we go. They’re also perfect for making body frames appear smaller—not to mention excellent for placing in front of the waist and hip area to divert attention.

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