It’s ridiculous how there are apps for just about anything and everything now. (Did you know there is an app that claims to increase hair growth by pumping special frequencies into your follicles?) The millennial loves smartphones and lets the device find solutions for everything. Yes, even their problematic personal lives. Tinder has capitalised on this and given millennials an instant swipe in the direction of partners for pleasure, pandering, proposals, and more.

So, how do you send the right message to a stranger who’s judging you, simply based on a handful of pictures, common Facebook interests, and a line or two about who you are? Well, first impressions are everything. The pictures you upload and how you’re dressed when you turn up for the date should be consistent and clearly represent your intentions. If you’re wondering if the boy swiped right because of your bikini shot in the mix, or if he thinks he’s going to get lucky because you showed up in a sheer dress for date night, then the answer, most times is, yes.

Here’s how to get Tinder-Ready for that first meeting, and cues on the looks you should put out there through your picture uploads:

You’ve just moved to a different city and are hoping to meet new people/make new friends.

Well, you’ve got the right app for it. Although different cities have more targeted apps for making new friends (London’s Meetup App, for instance), Tinder’s a universal platform for making buddies. Sometimes there’s no real spark but you tend to have a lot of things in common. So, you end up as pals and besides, who’s complaining about having good conversations and great laughs over a pint, eh? If friendship and a good time is all you’re looking for, then we’ve got just the look for you. It’s breezy, comfy, and super chill:

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You’ve got a super busy schedule—where there’s simply no time for a relationship—but you still need your occasional adult naptime. 😉

Let’s face it. More than a dating app, Tinder’s superficial approach to selecting your match is most appropriate for those looking to hook up, no strings attached. No judgment; if bedroom rodeo is what you’re after, you go for it, girl! Who wouldn’t want to spend the night with someone attractive and whose interests align with theirs? Especially when it’s all minus the flirtation-ship and the heartache. Makes sense, eh? People are anyways beginning to believe that true love might be a myth. There are too many things we’re all aggressively pursuing—careers, cars, amazing vacays… does sex have to be difficult too? Tinder makes it all easy. Just wear a kickass dress, some high heels, your best lip colour, and you’re sorted:

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You’ve grown sick and tired of waiting for true love, so you’re now taking things into your own hands.

For old-fashioned souls, living in a fast, practical and click-bait world might be just too hard. Happy endings seem bizarre and out of place in Tinder’s era. But, that doesn’t prevent us from pursuing it. How many times have we shared posts of couples celebrating their 60th anniversary using the #CoupleGoals hashtag? There’s nothing sweeter. True love is legitimate and we know it. You can attempt to meet the man of your dreams on Tinder, but you’ll need to follow a few ground rules. Firstly, don’t go out looking sexy because you don’t want him getting the wrong idea. Secondly, don’t wear too much jewellery and scare him off into thinking you’re high maintenance. Lastly (and most importantly), don’t try to be someone else. Wear something that suits your personality and is yet, attractive. This should do:

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