Okay ladies, Let’s be honest and answer to this question- What’s your favorite past time thing to do?? Is your answer Window Shopping too? Welcome to the clan beauties! I mean who doesn’t love to  check out new trendy products and keep them saving for later! After-all planning is the key. But yeah the pleasure never comes alone. With this comes some real life problems of having way too many wish-lists floating out there in the internet and forgetting about the items you fell in love with and missing out on the sales on it! Isn’t that the shortest horror story ever?

Introducing PriceGrab

Won’t it be great to have a assistant who organizes all your cart at one place and keeps an eye for all the sales happening on them? We have heard your secret wish! Presenting “PRICEGRAB” your shopping assistant, that let’s you save and track all your favorite items at one place and automatically alerts you once the price drops.

It’s a web, mobile, and chrome application that enables you to save all the stylish products you have been eyeing from your favorite online stores across the world into your very own personally curated wish-list. Once you have added any item to your list, PriceGrab will then automatically notify you once there’s a price drop on your selected products. Pretty awesome, right? I mean, who doesn’t love getting a great deal?

Just consider it the Pinterest for online shopping. You can create your lists as your special occasions approach! Be it House decor to fashion essentials to holiday shopping,  you can organize all your saved items into their specific lists and keep on adding products to your wish-list!

How to use it??

It’s just a one-click install into your browser. Open PriceGrab and click on ” Add to Chrome”. Once done you can keep creating new wish-lists and keep on adding products to them. Here’s how: When you see an item you like, click the PriceGrab icon from your bookmarks bar and select your wish-list where you want the product to go and confirm your desired discount level and there you go!

Here are some of the fingertip exceptional benefits of PriceGrab:

  • Save a lots of money and time.
  • Arrange your desired items in a clean and organised wish-list, where you can add products from brands from all over the world!
  • Manage and organize your wish list for the Holidays! and you can Share items with friends and family whenever you want.
  • Automatically get notified on sales on the items you selected before.
  • Save and check on your wish-list from any device.

GIVE PRICEGRAB A TRY and seamlessly change and upgrade the way you shop online!