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There’s that sweet spot when it comes to jewellery: It’s the mid-point between cheap high street buys and expensive fine baubles that can be best defined as statement pieces; they look like the real thing but don’t cost as much.


The best part, these well-priced accessories are perfect for the holiday season because they’re not as hard on the pocket, feature dramatic designs that do well at parties, and sometimes have big coloured stones that can be coordinated with your outfits.

This 2016 New Year’s Eve, we help you take your party outfit to the next level with accessories that cost less than £55 but can make you look like a million bucks.


  • Drawing inspiration from the gypsies with hair accessories.
    Visualize this: A full-sleeved black maxi, gold stilettos, and the Cressida headpiece. See how the headpiece could add glamour to an otherwise simple outfit? While it might be inspired by the gypsies, it has the ability to make you look like an Egyptian Goddesses, which is exactly what you want. Spotted multiple times in similar styles, Kim K endorses the party accessory, too. Buy it here for £34.
  • The ear cuff is a better fit sometimes.
    Not everyone’s a fan of big neckpieces and sometimes, your high-neck outfit just won’t allow it. In that case, we recommend opting for the Break The Ice Jewel Ear Cuff to make a statement. Better still, show it off by pinning your hair to one side so you’ve got the hairstyle working for you as well. Buy it here for £16.


  • Hand jewellery is a thing and we love it!
    Is it a bracelet? Is it a ring? It’s a hand chain! We’ve been in love with these ornaments ever since they arrived on the scene. Only fashionistas and celebs have been rocking the trend but maybe it’s time you did, too. See, so pretty, don’t you just love the Shining Armour Hand Piece? Buy it here for £20.
  • Are you hip enough to pull off an arm band?
    Part of traditional garb in many cultures, the arm band retains its heritage aesthetic even as a piece of mainstream fashion. Case in point: The Silver Dreamcatcher Arm cuff. You may think this is best reserved for a music festival but you would be wrong. If you’re going sleeveless, there’s nothing fancier than this arm band that btw, will cost you just £2.50. Buy it here.


  • Bracelets have an old world charm.
    Before there were wrist cuffs there were bracelets which were decked in stones on metal that wrapped fluidly around your wrist. Well, even today the charm of the Cameo Line Bracelet is undeniable when you picture wearing it with a crisp white pantsuit or even a red tube dress (woot). At just £35, buy the jewelled number here.
  • Body chains, of course!
    The Belly Chain Eight By Gjenmi Jewellery is the reason why you’ve been sweating it out at the gym. A great way to accentuate your trim waist, the gold-toned strings can be paired with a crop top, over your high-waist trousers, or even under a dress that is cut out at the sides. Buy it here for £49.


  • Chokers with a twist.
    Now, the reason why we’re loving this bauble by New Look is because it rolls three accessories into one: you’ve got the body chain, the choker, and the neckpiece, all working together. If you’re opting for an LBD or an outfit that’s classic and simple, this is the statement piece you want in order to jazz things up. Buy it here for £7.99.
  • Anklets Like You’ve Never Seen
    Just look (read: gape) at the Tynuska Anklet. Alternative chains and charms in gold flow smoothly down the slope of the ankle onto the foot. It can elevate even the most basic pair of shoes and heck, we’d even go out on a limb and suggest you wear some thong flats, wrap these babies on your feet, and dance the night away. You can buy them here for £52.


  • Throwback to earrings from the 80’s.
    Fringe was a big trend this year and while we loved it on dresses and jackets, our favourite were The Rain Down On Me Fringe Hoop Earrings that took us back in time. They’re big, they’re glamorous, they’re golden, and they’re available for just £14. Buy them here.
  • Statement neckpiece.
    Perhaps the go-to for anyone who loves jewellery, a neckpiece option was a given in this must-have list. Our only recommendation is that you opt for fluid and sleeker designs instead of chunky necklaces because they’re not for everyone (especially for those who have short necks or a double chin). The Fade To Black Chain Fringe Necklace is elegant and has that interesting choker-neck tie thing going on. Buy it here for £16.

P.S: Here’s a clip of Queen Bey rocking the stage with some bling. This is all the inspiration you’re gonna need.

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