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Travel can be quite daunting, especially when you’re a spontaneous traveler looking for adventure at every turn. The best way to calm those nerves would be by planning. Adventure calls for uncertainty; however, you can never be too prepared to face any circumstances that may arise. Here’s an all-you-need fashion and beauty (no, we’re not recommending makeup) packing list for when you go on an adventurous trip.

#1 Face Wipes

Face wipes

Pacifica Kale Super Detox Wipes, £7.99

Trips often mean long hours without access to a washroom; you can pee in the woods but how do you wash your face? Sweat and dirt can lead to clogged pores, which is something you don’t need after a refreshing hike through the forest. Carry these wipes by Pacifica which is infused with the goodness of kale, that will keep your skin cleansed and refreshed.

#2 Cap


SoulCal, £3.49

Protect yourself from the scorching sun with a cap during your treks. It’s a safe and stylish way to ensure you don’t get a heat stroke. It’s also a better alternative to a sun hat as you never know where your fancy straw hat could get caught.

#3 Moisturiser


First Aid Beauty Rescue Oil Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer, £24

You’re bound to sweat during your adventurous endeavors and really there’s no way to avoid it…or wait, is there? This oil free and mattifying moisturiser by First Aid Beauty could be the solution to your sweat problems. Now we know adventure means getting your hands dirty (in the most literal and figurative sense), however it doesn’t mean you can’t protect your skin before you do so.

#4 Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes

Aigle, £76.99

Now this, ladies, is of utmost importance. If you’re going to be on your feet the entire day, walking on rugged terrains, you need to make sure your feet are happy. These hiking shoes by Aigle are sturdy, comfortable and durable. They’re just what you need to support your spontaneity.

#5 Sports Shoes

Nike shoes

Nike, £112.20

If hiking isn’t your thing but you crave for some unfettered adventure, these Nike shoes are bound to take you places. Comfort is key however there’s no harm if comfort looks good too, right?

#6 Hoodie

Superdry jacket

Superdry, £54.99

Adventure doesn’t mean planning should take a back seat. Always be prepared for uncalled for changes in temperatures with a hoodie that will keep you warm without hampering your journey.

#7 Backpack


Arcteryx, £130

A backpack that fits all your necessities that can withstand any weather conditions and wear and tear. A trustworthy companion for any traveler, this bag looks just as good as it is functional. The water resistant nylon material will ensure all your things are safe and secure.

#8 T-Shirt

Superdry t shirt

Superdry, £22.99

This is probably a no-brainer: T-shirts are among the most comfiest clothes for travel. Carry enough breathable, cotton t-shirts during your escapades. Also, a little print hurt no one!

#9 Joggers


Sandrine Rose, £335

Joggers are comfy, don’t hug your skin and allow you to move freely. They’re also recommended for cooler temperatures as their thick material will keep you nice and warm.

#10 Leggings

Superdry leggings

Superdry, £29.99

Leggings won’t hinder your movements and will ensure you’re able to overcome any obstacle that may come your way, with ease. Breathable material should be your priority when you’re looking to buy leggings. They also look really good.

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