The right jewellery can elevate any outfit and your choice of necklace can unarguably have the biggest impact of them all. But, it needn’t always be big and bold. Sometimes a simple pendant chain can make a louder statement than chunky stacks of beads.

Lanvin necklace


Tory burch

Tory Burch

Fashion Weeks saw an array of styles, with eclectic statement necklaces spotted on the runways along with dainty, feminine ones. There was no clear winner so it all boils down to aesthetics for 2017.

The key is to know which one is better suited to your outfit. So, we whipped up an infographic to help you find your match.

necklace type for every neckline guide infographic

Now, with those notes handy, you’re going to have the easiest time shopping for necklaces that fit in perfectly with your wardrobe choices. 


Statement Necklaces

The point of a statement necklace is just that: To make a statement. Jewellery like this is meant to be noticed, so it’s best to wear your hair back in a sleek pony, updo, or bun so that your necklace can bask in the spotlight. For optimal effect, pair your statement necklace with a simple, solid top that doesn’t distract from the jewellery.

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John lewis

John Lewis, £30

Boohoo 1

Boohoo, £18



Boohoo, £5


Banana republic

Banana Republic, £85



Swarovski, £197.50

Minimal Necklaces

If you’re thinking that simple jewellery will be boring, think again. You can look classic, effortless, and well-put-together by pairing off simple pieces. Layering is also a great option with minimal necklaces so look for chains in varying lengths to amplify your outfit.

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Amarilo, £71.52


Five and Two, £20.21


Phase eight 1

Phase Eight, £12

Phase eight

Phase Eight, £17.40


Swarovski 1

Swarovski, £125

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