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As part of our quest to bring to you the most influential bloggers, their take on fashion and beauty trends, and uncover what’s in their closets and handbags, we’ve covered over 20 influencers who made for riveting guest columnists.

Then we came across Khadija Kiran, the proud owner of the blog, who has a loyal following among DIY enthusiasts who are looking to recycle, upcycle, or try a hand at homemade fashion and beauty products. She keeps it trendy, takes you through the process with step-by-step pictures, and leaves you with a statement piece that looks like it was bought on holiday from some exotic crafts and arts market. So, are you ready for her?

Over To Khadija

Who doesn’t like a home project, especially when you end up with a beautiful choker or clutch that’s truly one of a kind? If you really want to be creative with your fashion choices, here’s one way to do it. Learn how to upcycle, recycle, and DIY your fashion and beauty items, and you will never have to settle for anything less than perfect, be it for colour matching, fabric choices, or embellishment grandeur—all this at a fraction of the cost.

Today I am going to share some quick and easy ideas to refashion and refurbish your accessories closet. You don’t need to be a master at DIY and crafting, and chances are, you’ll enjoy doing this so much, you’ll want to experiment with it every weekend.

DIY Choker Necklace

diy choker necklace

What You Need: To make this choker you can use any lace, ribbon or border that features a design you like. You will need necklace ends setting metal locks, ribbon clamps, scissors and nose pliers.

How To: Cut the lace marginally more than at the length it wraps around your neck; in width, an inch is good enough, but it’s really your choice on how heavy-set you want the choker to be.

Fold over ribbon clamps on either end and press them down with the nose pliers. Loop the lobster lock on one end and jump ring lock on the other into the head of the ribbon clamp.

Refashion Clutch Bag

upcycle clutch bag fashion diy

What You Need: Some super glue and an embellishment that can be patched.

How To: It’s really as simple as using a hot glue gun on the flat (flip) side of the embellished patch and setting it on to your fabric clutch in any place you please. I picked a beaded flower for the center, but you can even glue tiny diamante stars sprinkled across the clutch, or a filigree motif on one end.

Alternatively, you can use a brooch and just pierce it through the fabric on the clutch where you want to set it. But, beware, this could cause damage to the base so opt for the brooch only when you’re prepared to retire the clutch from your wardrobe a month after.

DIY Anthro-Inspired Cuff

diy anthro inspired cuff jewellery

What You Need: Decorative Metal scraps from old jewellery that may have fallen off into your box. You will also need a paper tube, scissors, velvet ribbon, and glue/hot glue gun.

How To: To make this cuff, first cut the paper tube to fit your wrist tight so that it pops open and leaves a little gap for a cuff-like appearance when ready.

Then, wrap a velvet ribbon around the paper tube and glue it down—no wrinkles, from end to end. Once dry, place the metal scraps in the desired composition and glue them down on to the fabric.

DIY Heartistic T-Shirt

diy t shirt fabric painting

What You Need: Fabric paints, a t-shirt you’re bored off, and a fabric stamp.

How To: I’ve chosen the heart motif, you can choose another. But the way it works is, you draw an outline of the desired shape in the size and place you want on the shirt using a colour pencil that’s the same shade as the t-shirt.

Then, put a tablespoon of paint in a palette and dab the stamp in the fabric paint. Trace the outlines with the stamp and you can fill it in with more impressions if you wish. Leave to dry and then iron it with the t-shirt inside out (the painted side facing in).

You can also glue on some rhinestones if you like.

DIY Phone Cover

diy fashionable phone case

What You Need: Fabric with a finish you like; it could be shimmer, sequined, furry, Aztec, ruched, etc. You will also need some glue and a plastic base phone case (the cheaper, the better).

How To: Cut the fabric to the size of the back cover. Use the plastic phone case as a base canvas. Super glue the fabric on to the case. Leave it to dry.

Again, you can personalize it further by adding your initials in rhinestones or fabric alphabet cut-outs, or even patch a picture of minions, your favourite superhero, or carmaker logo on the back.

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