autumn winter beauty makeup trends

Hoping to amplify your seasonal makeup collection? While spring and summer seasons generally bring about light makeup styles to handle the warmer weather and fresh face appeal, the onset of autumn encourages the use of flashier styles through the heavier application. Bright,colorful eyes; rosy cheeks; dark lip shades; these are the elements of a stunning fall look.

Here are six beautiful makeup trends to try on this fall season to incorporate some added flavor to your cozy wardrobe.

Shiny Metallics

eyeshadow autumn winter makeup trends

Get into the spirit of shining lights and glistening ornaments with varying shades of metallics. While golds and silvers are common staples of the autumn and winter look, this year is all about sweeping various colors and sparkle across your eyelids in one go. Deep colors like ruby reds and sapphire blues mixed with a dash of clear sparkle can do wonders for brightening your eyes, while a mix of gold and silver metallic shadows set with black liner can truly make them pop with an assortment of outfits.

Versatile Black Liner

eyeliner autumn winter makeup trends

Everyday black eyeliner is hardly new to the makeup world, but creating artistic designs outside of the regular upper and lower lashline certainly is. Think outside the box and go for unique styles that are rarely seen. Drag a bold line across the crease of your eye; apply it heavily all the way across your lids to blend with shadow; or, apply it with your fingers for a sexy, smeared look that can withstand late-night holiday parties. The possibilities are endless with black liner, so go nuts and inspire others around you to do the same.

Dark, Berry-Colored Shades

dark lipstick autumn winter makeup trends

Nothing says fall more than rich, earthy tones, and the addition of berry colors to your repertoire is an essential staple of the autumn look. Bright berry, deep burgundy and dark plum hues are the hit of the season, elevating your color options to another level while also being easily mixed with natural tones of the fall fashion world. Apply dark shades to your lips and accent them with lightly-dressed eyes, or implement dark eyeshadows paired with a nude lip. Even go over the top with both dark eye and lip colors for a daring style all your own. Whichever style you choose to rock, including berry colors in your beauty routine is certainly a step in the right direction.

Bright Pops of Color

colour pop autumn winter makeup trends

Using too much bright color can be dangerous, but including just enough to create a pop across your face is key this fall season. Feel free to sweep lines of bright pinks and blues side-by-side across your eyelids, working together to embolden your overall style. However, with the intensity of such eye makeup, it’s important to go bare or minimal with makeup across your cheeks and lips so as not to overpower your flashy, mesmerizing eyes.

Clustered “Twiggy” Eyelashes

mascara eye makeup autumn winter trends

While clumpy lashes reminiscent of the 60’s Twiggy style aren’t often a convenient day-to-day look, spending more time amplifying your lashes instead of your eyelids for proper occasions is a major trend this fall. Bold vertical lash lines dabbed under or above your eyes create a doll-like appearance, a unique style choice that can work for those willing to take fashion risks. However, it’s best not to apply this with other intense colors or styles across your face so that the lash design stays as the highlighted feature.

Embrace the Pink Explosion

pink makeup autumn winter beauty trends

The color pink is regularly a spring fixture, which makes this year’s fall trend of excessive pink shades all the more surprising. However, all varieties of pink are in fashion this season, applied to the eyes, cheeks, lips and beyond. Choose a light pink base for your eyelids for a dash of feminine perfection, or use electric pink nail polish for a splash of intensity that goes with anything. Rosy cheeks are definitely in the cards with suitable pink hues, giving anyone a warm, flushed look that goes hand in hand with chilly fall weather.

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