Lazy girls are always trying to achieve the most they can with limited effort and time. And if we may, we’d say they’re hitting the nail on the head. Between early mornings, long hours of work and trying to look presentable, it’s easy to not care about your makeup game or waking up with raccoon eyes because you couldn’t be bothered to clean up the night before. This one’s for all the lazy girls, the lazy days, the busy days, and the days you just want to be low-maintenance—six beauty products that will change your life and cut your ‘getting ready’ time in half.

#1 Choose Mascara Over Eyeliner

Clinique mascara

Clinique Waterproof Mascara, £15.75

Mascara can instantly make you go from sleepy to wide awake! And what’s better than a smudge-free, anti-flaking, waterproof mascara? Well, nothing. You can go all day wearing this baby by Clinique and it’ll stay on like it did when it was first applied. Also, who has time for eyeliner, and wings, and anything on fleek? With a mascara, you can create the illusion of lined eyes by ensuring you work it all the way into your waterline.

#2 Choose BB Cream Over Foundation

Bb cream bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown BB Cream, £26.55

BB creams are usually oil-free (better for summer), lightweight, and packed with SPF. Unlike foundation, BB cream seamlessly works its way into your skin without looking patchy and often takes half the time to apply. Bobbi Brown’s BB cream has medium coverage which will leave your skin looking au naturel.

#3 Choose Moisturiser Over Primer

Kiehls moisturizer

Kiehl’s Facial Moisturizer, £23.40

This light yet effective lotion offers intensive moisturisation whilst leaving skin feeling soft and conditioned. All you lazy girls, this is a step you can’t miss, however, this is the only step you’d need to prep your skin. Your face needs that extra TLC which the moisturiser will provide.

#4 Choose Cleansing Wipes Over Face Wash

Mac cleanser wipes

MAC Cleansing Wipes, £21

You need to remove your makeup by day end, but you’re feeling too lazy to head to the restroom—face wash, towel, hairband in hand? Use makeup wipes as you lay in bed instead. Just hold them down in places with intense makeup to dissolve the formula, and then swipe clean.

#5 Choose Tinted Lipbalm Over Lipstick

Clinique lipbalm

Clinique Tinted Lipbalm & Lip Scrub, £13.50

Add a pop of colour and keep your lips moisturised with tinted lip balm that needs no precision lining and colour saturation. The glide application can be done hands-free and fuss-free while you’re in transit.

#5 Choose 2-In-1 Products


Laura mercier concealer highlighter

Laura Mercier Highlighter & Concealer, £22.50

A highlighter and concealer in one? This must be a lazy girl’s dream! If you have a few minutes to spare, apply concealer to hide those dark circles to look alive, even if you’re slightly dying from the inside. If under-eye drama is too much to deal with, apply a tad of highlighter on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for a dewy and fresh look.

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