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Need to get that full glam face on but don’t want to spend a bomb? Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of six makeup must-haves that are under £15 each. What sets them apart is that even though they’re budget buys, the quality is on par with mid- to high-priced makeup brands, as is the long-wear finish, and the pigmented formula. Sure, there’s no dearth of makeup and skincare products in the beauty aisle at the drugstore, but if you’re looking for jewels in the rough, look no further than these tried-and-tested essentials:

Makeup products under 15 pounds

PRODUCT #1: This 9-in-1 BB cream by Rimmel with SPF 25 is extremely hydrating and doubles up as a primer too. It has medium coverage but ably manages to conceal any visible blemishes while creating an even-toned skin. Price: £5.60 (buy here)
HOW TO USE: Using either your fingertips, a BeautyBlender, or a stippling brush, apply judicious amounts of BB cream all over your face and neck. On your face, work your way upward into your hairline, ensuring you blend it all in leaving no creases unironed. Then, using downward strokes, apply the cream onto your neck in a similar fashion.

PRODUCT#2: Need a matte finish but don’t want to look too caked up? The NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation is all the base makeup you need. What’s more, you can carry this pocket-sized must-have in your handbag for touch-ups through the day.  Price: £10.50 (buy here)
HOW TO USE: Once you’ve applied the BB cream, use the powder foundation to set the cream for a long-lasting, no-crease, no-shine matte finish. Remember, pat the powder on instead of sweeping it. This way you’ll get just the right amount of product on your skin and you won’t smudge the BB cream.

PRODUCT #3: Here’s just what you need for the perfect smokey eye. This eyeshadow quad by Topshop palettes black, grey, purple and blush—all colours that can be mixed-and-matched to create day or night looks. The colours are highly pigmented and although there maybe a little fallout, you can protect your base by tapping off excess product from your makeup brush. Price: £12 (buy here)
HOW TO USE: For a dark smokey eye, apply the purple shade on to your lids and follow up with grey on to the crease of your lids. Blend the black colour onto the outer corner of your eyes and blend it inwards with the purple on your lids, and with the grey on your crease. Finish by using the blush colour as a brow arch highlighter.

PRODUCT #4: For a long-lasting vivid colour, use the Round the Clock Eyeliner by BareMinerals. This easy-glide formula smoothes on soft and creamy for blending until it sets for a waterproof line that won’t smudge, run or fade. Price: £15  (buy here)
HOW TO USE: Glide the eyeliner onto the top of your lids to create a sleek line. Use it on your waterline and tightline under your top lashes. For a smudge-free finish, use the black shade from the eyeshadow palette and blend it with the eyeliner on your waterline.

PRODUCT#5: This mascara by L’Oreal gives your lashes refined volume without any clumps. The formula doesn’t feel overdry and hardened, like other drugstore mascaras, and the finish is fairly glamorous. Price: £9.99 (buy here)
HOW TO USE: Sweep the product onto your lashes in an upward direction while curling them at the same time. Repeat this step at least twice for a fuller look. Apply mascara on your lower lashes for a doe-eyed effect.

PRODUCT #6: New Look‘s Lipstick crayon is infused with Vitamin E that keeps your lips moisturised while nourishing them. In addition to the ease and precision of the application, the crayon is paraben-free, and doubles up as a tinted lip balm—it’s a win-win. Price: £4.99 (buy here)
HOW TO USE: Sweep the crayon onto your lips, ensuring all edges are neatly covered. Re-apply for a long-lasting effect.

Prefer a video instead? Beauty Vlogger of Kaushal Beauty shows us how to perfect the glam face and smokey eye.

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