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We all love the iconic hot pink BeautyBlender. It was the first, the only of its kind, and has become the go-to for makeup artists and bloggers across the globe. Is there any wonder then that most other cosmetics brands introduced versions of their own?

We’ve seen it all, the silicone blender, the brush blender, the sponge, and yes, even eyeshadow blenders, but it’s the Sigma 3DHD Blender that seems to be the only one giving the original BeautyBlender some serious competition—thanks to its unique shape.

Beauty blender vs sigma 3dhd blender

With two flat sides, one curve, and an end that finishes in a point, the Sigma 3DHD is able to provide more precision, especially in the nose and eye areas.

But that’s not all for beauty blenders out there. Coming in next are these five makeup must-haves, each in a different size, price, and unique USP that seems to have made them a hit among those who dared. Pick one up and give it a go; it may just elevate your makeup game to a whole new level.

1) Givenchy Matissime Velvet Beauty Blender, £13

givenchy matissime velvet beauty blender

Like the Sigma 3DHD, this one also boasts of a more defined shape than the original BeautyBlender. Givenchy’s Matissime has a double-sided cone shape with the holding point being a ridge in the middle. This way you won’t get your nails and fingers caked up with makeup.

2) Maybelline New York Dream Blender, £3.70

maybelline new york dream blender
Imagine your BeautyBlender, except, this one’s mounted on a handle. Or, imagine your foundation brush, except, instead of bristles it’s got the BeautyBlender applicator on top. Either way, the clear USP of the Maybelline New York Dream Blender is its packaging and the price. We’ve all felt the tiring pinch in our wrists and fingers as we blend out our makeup, and been left with foundation residue on our hands. Well, not any longer.

3) Dior Backstage Pro Blender, £14

dior backstage pro blender
A Dior blender that’s cheaper than the original (btw, the original is £16), the reason people seem to love the Backstage Pro is that it’s not as porous so, it doesn’t eat up all your product. Yes, a lot gets wasted in the original BeautyBlender as it soaks up the excess foundation and squeezing it back into the bottle would be ridiculous, not to mention unhygienic. If you want your expensive makeup to last longer, switch blenders today.

4) Benefit They’re Real Shadow Blender, £6.35

benefit they're real eyeshadow blender duo

Brought to you by one of your favourite makeup brands, Benefit Cosmetics, this eyeshadow blender can be a game changer for your smokey eye / sultry peepers look. It’s designed to be used with Benefit’s They’re Real Duo Eyeshadow Palette, but works great with regular powder shadows too. You’ll never go back to eye shadow brushes again!

5) Boohoo Silicone Makeup Blender, £3

boohoo silicone makeup blender
Remember when all the beauty bloggers, and even BuzzFeed was doing reviews of the silicone makeup blender? It was supposed to be a game changer, but the results are debatable. Now, quite like the Dior sponge, this one doesn’t eat away at your product. In addition, it’s very, very easy to clean—just soap it under the tap, shake off and pat dry! The downside, it doesn’t feel as nice as a sponge blender of course and is completely unworkable with powder-based products. Is it worth it? You decide.

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