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Face contouring was a great idea. It meant no more chubby cheeks and double chins.
Ear contouring? Well, our ears had to be in the same tone and shade as our now-contoured face so, okay.
Neck contouring was a blessing for short necks and updos, and boob contouring… that was the most expected turn of events because who wouldn’t want a faux pert cleavage like a goddess?

But, that’s where things started on a downward spiral. We laughed out loud when leg contouring came up; it obviously never caught on. However, the most ridiculous beauty trend of 2016, ladies and gentleman, one that actually went viral and people loved, was that of BUTT CONTOURING. Care to butt in and get behind it? (Yes, stupid, amateur puns totally intended because, WTF!)

So many questions flared up on our minds instantly. This trend was exclusively for Summer’s short shorts and bikinis—but, didn’t it all become a sweaty mess with you leaving butt imprints everywhere? Let’s leave that argument aside. What happened when one sat down? Or, were you not expected to when you had your butt contoured? And, for all the effort that went behind this beauty trend, at what eye level would an onlooker have had to have been to truly appreciate this glorious piece of ass? Can you imagine?

Celebrities Love It
In particular, they’ve got people spray tanning or adding bronzer and highlighters to the contours of their butt for an uplifted look in photos. Of course, the Kardashian clan is a big fan and both Kourtney and Kim took to Instagram with snapshots and videos of them having their butts contoured.


BUTT really, don’t miss a spot @kipzachary ?: @davinaadjani #secretshoot #embraceyourcurves

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Surprisingly, Modern Family star Ariel Winter joined the wagon as well. And considering all these ladies have big booties that are pretty toned already, we wonder what this meant for the average girl who was probably bending over backward to get the perfect a**, but instead, she probably ended up looking like one. We hope you got some friends to help you out, girl!

Want To Try Butt Contouring Anyways?
If you’re into the trend, no judgment. It’s all pretty simple and uses the same techniques as regular contouring. Highlight the high planes (plumpest parts of your bum), bronze the shadows (the edges that curve), and blend without diffusing the colours completely. Of course, the advantages of camouflaging stretch marks and butt cellulite are a bonus. Below is a video to show you how to nail the look. As for the best contouring palettes, you’ll find them here.


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And, don’t use the same brushes as you do for your face; jeez. Try the brush by Studio 10 for, ahem, better reach.

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