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There’s never a doubt that Christian Louboutin’s makeup will clear off the shelves faster than you can say his name, but his latest mini nail paints are particularly proving to be a big hit. Why? Two reasons:

  1. They bring together the hottest makeup trends of 2017—metal, chrome, holographic makeup, and Pantone’s colour of the year.
  2. For the first time, they’re at a price point you can afford (£23, versus £36 for the original series).

Now, sure, the quantity has also been halved in this limited edition where the Loubichrome nail colours are 6ml minis, while the original Pops, Nudes, and Rouge Louboutin lacquers were 13ml packages. But, the long-lasting formula, rich pigmentation, and chip-resistant finish are all still intact which makes the Loubichrome series, I, II and III totally worth it.

What To Expect:

  • It comes in three shades: scarlet-fuchsia, magenta-violet, and our favourite, yellow-green.
  • Christian Louboutin’s preferred laminated leather, Specchio, inspired the collection. This means you have the same mirror-like finish which reflects light to make your nail paint look multi-dimensional, just like his signature shoes.

  • We’d go as far as to say that the box package is so innovative, it surpasses the design of the Loubichrome bottle itself which, mind you, comes with the spiked heels-inspired cap that’s synonymous with Louboutin Beauty.
  • Also, apparently many love the new patented triangular brush because it makes for seamless application without leaving any air bubbles.

On an end note, let’s just say it out loud. The unicorn trend takes some getting used to (the bright colours, the shine, all that jazz can leave you feeling like a high schooler). But, scanning through Instagram to see how the Loubichrome looks once applied and you know what, it’s kind of growing on us. See for yourself.


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And, as much as we stick to beauty brands for our makeup fix because they know what they’re doing, we must admit that apart from Christian Louboutin, there are two fashion houses who have surprised us with their quality makeup lines. Hey, nail paint lover, these are tried, tested, and Obsessory-approved high fashion lacquers that should be on your must-have list:



  • How often have we seen the Duchess of Cambridge sporting this shade? Yves Saint Laurent’s Royal Blue is very Kate Middleton. Get your royal fix here for £19.
  • Tom Ford’s Red is straight out of the United Kingdom’s flag. It’s sharp, sophisticated and has heaps of character without being too loud. We use this for our everyday fix. Buy it here for £27.

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