urban decay naked skin shapeshifter contouring palette

Admittedly an Urban Decay fan, particularly when it comes to their Naked Palettes, Vice Lipsticks, and Moondust Eyeshadows, the news of a new addition to the line-up of their Basics had us excited from the get-go.

After concealer and foundation, UD is now introducing a contouring palette in their Naked Basics range and you’d forgive the latecomer once you seen the purpose and packaging.

Urban Decay’s Naked Skin ShapeShifter Palette

Beyond contour… that’s the pitch for UD’s latest. A palette containing four powder shades and five cream ones is divided by a double-sided mirror for ease of use. The idea is to be able to contour, colour correct, and highlight using these shades.

Now, interestingly the Shapeshifter palette is only available in two tones: Light Medium Shift; and Medium Dark Shift. But, that’s because the in-betweeners can mix and blend shades from either palette to suit their skin tone. Leaning more towards the paler side? Pick the first one (you get the drift).

In terms of coverage, because you have a mix of powder and cream-based contours and highlighters, it’s very easy to go soft or fully sculpted simply by layering, angling, or diffusing, based on the contouring finish you want.

urban decay shapeshifter contouring palette

Familiarise yourself with the palette with this guide. On the powder side, you’ve got three shades for contouring, and one pearl shade for highlighting. On the cream-based side, you’ve got two colour correctors, a pearl highlighter, and two contour shades. Definitely make use of the colour correctors as you would a concealer. Key target areas: The under eye, the laugh lines, and the corners of the nose.

In fact, in order to sculpt and contour for your face shape, we’ve got a little infographic that will help you highlight your best features and throw shade on the rest.


The Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter palette will be launched in the UK this month, and it will be priced between £35 and £40. But, if you don’t have the tools to nail the look, you may need to spend just a little bit more. Here’s what you’ll need:

urban decay highlighter makeup brush

Urban Decay Pro Diffusing Highlighter Brush, £24

urban decay diffusing brush

Urban Decay Pro Diffusing Blush Brush, £24

urban decay contour defining makeup brush

Urban Decay Pro Contour Definition Brush, £24

urban decay de slicking setting spray

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray (Travel Size), £10

And, of course, for all you makeup lovers, if you haven’t gotten your hands on the most popular Naked Basics palettes that started it all, it’s high time:

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urban decay naked basics palette

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