The scents of the season are a large part of what makes the spring much more brighter. Sugary confections, Orange blossom, freshly cut firewood – the olfactory bliss of spring is heavenly. This year, why not keep the cheerful spirit high by finding a delicious fragrance to suit your style, bringing yourself daily happiness through a mix of floral, fruity or musky allure on your skin. Here are our top 5 fragrances sure to please, ready to leave you feeling cozy and fresh all season long!

1. Girl of Now Elie Saab

Splash a bit of this creamy, delicious floral on your skin and you’ll be overriding the smell of baking goods coming from the kitchen. Tonka bean, almond milk, cashmere and pistachio all lend a hand in creating a scent good enough to eat, while the pear, magnolia, orange blossom and patchouli notes enrich the fragrance with fruity floral for an overall delectable perfume. It falls right in line with days spent in warm coffee houses, watching the rain fall outside on a chilly fall day.

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2. Gucci Bloom

There’s no denying why this designer fashion house scent is all the rage this season. Its masterful blend of rich white florals like tuberose and jasmine are absolutely spellbinding, leaving behind a fresh garden scent that can help those carry over from the sweetness of summer to the rich spices and creamy sugars of fall.

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3.  Guerlain ‘Vol de Nuit’

Spritz a hint of heady delight onto your wrists for a cozy evening by the fire, and you’ll be swept away by its spring decadence. Brimming with audacity, it is one of the most sophisticated faceted creations. With its assertive personality, its floral and woody facets blossom in a bold oriental trail. These mythical pioneer perfumes compose a unique olfactive library, that the Maison GUERLAIN endeavors to preserve.

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4. Valentina Eau de Parfum

The new Valentina scent is a daring and addictive fragrance, inspired by the elegance and opulence of an Italian heiress a true feminine classic twisted with the pure insolence of Italian ingredients. With top notes of the exuberant freshness of Calabrian bergamot enhanced with Alba truffle. The irreverence of Amalfi orange blossom touched by wild strawberry in the heart And the captivating sensuality of Cedar woods and amber in the base notes. This fragrance truly embodies the irreverent aura of Valentina.

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5. Mugler Aura

Mugler Aura is a fragrance of vital energy that reveals the Aura in every woman. It is created around three distinctive and addictive hearts. The instinctive heart contains the tiger liana plant which is the guiding thread and signature note of this fragrance and features fresh, green, sweet, animalistic and smoky notes for instinctive femininity. Mugler Aura bottle represents one of the most universal symbols, the heart and is facetted like a gem.

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No matter which fragrance you choose, you can be sure to experience a taste of all things spring with every drop. Rich florals and hints of the bountiful harvest are captured in every bottle, while the elements of sugar and spice bring about thoughts of blossoms and freshness in the air.