french women beauty secrets

The French are known for their effortlessly chic attitude towards beauty. That, “I just woke up like this” look is so sensual yet sophisticated. Today we’re borrowing five essential tips from the Queens of je ne sais quoi so you too, can have Clémence Poésy-worthy selfies.

1. Stop Wearing Foundation

Yes. Just, stop it. Most French girls don’t wear foundation at all. It’s considered to be a beauty product for women of a certain age—definitely not for hot young fashionistas.

This is also possibly the reason for their immaculate skin amongst other things. They’ve never applied full coverage foundation and so their skin has never gotten used to it, making achieving an even skin tone and a blemish-free visage more driven by a walk by the Seine.

You’ll be amazed at how great your skin looks and how rarely it breaks out after two weeks sans foundation. At most, a clever dab of concealer in the right places is all you need.

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2. Skip Your Next Shampoo

Did you know that over-shampooing your hair is almost the worst thing you can do to it next to bleaching and heat styling? The French do. Washing your hair once or at most, twice per week is more than enough. Any more and you end up stripping the natural oils from your hair, making them appear greasy even quicker. This is because shampooing every alternate day triggers your hair to work overtime to replace the oils you stripped from your tresses because of the sulfates in shampoo.

The French also know the importance of a good nourishing hair mask in place of standard conditioner and they never skip it! Having healthy looking hair takes work and many hair conscious Parisiennes will keep repeat appointments at the hair salon every twelve weeks to get restorative and reparative treatments.

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3. Don’t Labour Over Anything

The French charisma is all about looking effortless from head to toe. This means not spending two hours on your makeup and three on your hair. Low maintenance is the key here.

You won’t find a French girl tonging her hair for days on end before heading out for the evening. She works with what she’s got and lets her hair do what comes to it naturally. At most, she might air dry it, casually plait it to create waves or just simply blow dry—20 minutes and she’s out the door.

For her makeup, she’ll pick one feature. It might be dewy skin; it might be a bold lip; it might be heavy eye makeup, but never a combination. Plus, she’ll always have everything she needs in her purse to make a quick office-to-bar switch up.

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4. Ditch The Fake Tan

Fake tan is a no-go when it comes to the French women. It’s simply too high maintenance and the French hate anything unnatural/faux. While most French girls have the olive-coloured skin of dreams, for us mere mortals of the paler complexion, this can be a hard habit to break. The idea is to embrace the skin you’re in.

If you must use something, opt for a tinted moisturizer or luxuriously shimmering oil to slather yourself in.

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5. Never Wear Someone Else’s Shade Of Red

Ever wondered why that typically French red lip looks so flawless? It’s because that French girl knows her shade of red! There’s a scarlet hue to suit every complexion, hair colour, and eye tint and the wrong one will never look quite as good. The perfect shade of red for you should make your teeth look whiter, your skin appear illuminated and make your eyes pop.

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