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Any beauty lover knows that everyday makeup and party makeup are two very different things. Not just the shades that come into play, but also how long the products are designed to last is what can make all the difference.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to prevent that perfect cat-eye from becoming raccoon eyes by the end of the night on New Year’s Eve, this little guide is just what you need.

Choice Of Formula:

  1. Long-lasting makeup is designed to stay in place for up to 8 hours—your everyday products, not so much.
  2. Water-resistant makeup is what you need for dance parties where you will probably be sweating it out. The formula is also great for an outdoor affair in areas with high humidity, or perhaps if it’s snowing outside.
  3. Waterproof makeup is only really necessary for a beachside bash, pool parties, and rain dances because the composition is much stronger and designed to hold against all odds. Unless you’re attending that kind of event this New Year’s Eve, don’t go straight to waterproof makeup for your fix.

The Not-So-Obvious Beauty Arsenal
Sure, you’ve got the smokey eyeshadow palette, beauty blender, matte lipstick, contouring kits—the whole shebang. But, that’s not what’s going to help you survive your all-night rager. Here are tried-and-tested beauty buys for prep and touch up that are perfect for that New Year’s Eve party:

First Stop—Products To Help You Prep Right

Always assume that you’re going to be out for longer than you are (because you will be; you know it, we know it, everyone else knows it).


1. Opt for long-lasting, long-wear foundation and other quality base products so you don’t have to shove too much into your party bag—especially if you really like to give it your all on the dance floor. We’ve found that the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation doesn’t look chalky or get all muddled with sweat even after hours. Buy it here.

2. Let’s not forget to bake. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. 😛 We’re referring to the fine art of makeup baking. 😎 Finish your look by baking the under eye area with loose powder (sweep it on, leave it there for a few minutes and then brush it away) to ensure it remains crease-free. Never skip this step so that the time you spent contouring, highlighting and concealing doesn’t go to waste. Often times loose powder has a white finish which looks horrid under flashlights. Again, the UD Naked Loose Finishing Powder is the one we recommend because of its natural undertones. Buy it here.

3. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate the dead skin and prime your pout for some even application. Follow this up with a nourishing lip balm to hydrate your lips. A great 2-in-1 fix is the Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm duo, which you can buy here. Although we’ve found that the Diptyque nourishing lip balm plumps up that pout just right, so you might want to get it as well.

4. Never rely on anything except waterproof products for your eyes. Both mascara and eyeliner can help take a look to red carpet status because they help add drama to your eye makeup. Now, for some feather-like lashes we recommend the Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara. Buy it here.

5. As for eyeliner, don’t waste your time with liquid formulas that are hard to ace and can easily ruin your big moment. A pen eyeliner is always the way to go! In fact, Estee Lauder’s 2-in-1 thick and thin stick lets you finish things off with extreme precision. Create a wing tip, keep it clean, line the under eye, go all out with a tattoo like liner… this nifty product lets you do it all. Buy it here.

6. A makeup setting spray is to make up what hairspray is to, well, hair. And you need both to last the evening looking as prim and proper as you did when you first walked in. Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray works by lowering the temperature of your makeup; this means no streaking, bleeding, smudging. Buy it here.

For your hair story, texturizing spray that helps keep the volume intact so that your tresses don’t fall flat because of all that sweating is a great resolve. Buy the TIGI Bed Head Headrush Spray for shinier locks and a healthy finish.


Next Stop—On-The-Go Products You’ll Need To Touch-Up

You won’t need to carry much in your pretty little party bag if you’ve prepped with our suggestions (oh well, you’re welcome), but there are some essentials you just can’t leave behind.

7. Always carry emergency makeup wipes, tissues or blotting paper. They can be used to absorb excess moisture and to fix any runny makeup when you’re going to powder your nose. Our favourite: NYX Be Gone! Remover Wipes. Buy them here.

8. A good follow-up strategy is to dab some pressed powder after using the blotting paper to even out any base makeup you may have accidently lifted off. We Love the By Terry compact powder which is travel-sized, extremely lightweight and sheer, and provides great coverage. Buy it here.

9. Your lips will need to be reserviced. Of all the products that should make their way into your party bag, lipstick is the most important. You’re bound to need at least two touch-ups given all the drinking and eating that’s slated for the evening. We’re thinking clock one in after those Tequila shots, and the other post dinner. 😉 Make note, if you’re looking for colours out of the ordinary (yes, green, blue and purple, too), then Lipstick Queen is the brand for you.

10. If you really must have everything, then get a fun, travel-sized kit of essentials. Most leading brands, including Bobbi Brown, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and MAC Cosmetics do mini versions of their cult products. Our favourite: The Benefit Girls Gone Wow Makeup Set which has five must-have essentials for just £33.58. Buy it here.

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