For all the new-age beauty and skincare regimens out there, touting avocado-based face masks and various herbal essential oils, there’s one key ingredient to achieving flawless, healthy skin: a good night’s sleep. Gaining adequate zzz’s is important for helping your skin thrive, helping it to stay hydrated, free of toxins and displaying a healthy glow. Read on to discover why keeping a consistent routine of ample bed rest can be the magic answer to the majority of your skin’s needs.

Sleep Slows Down The Aging Process

Do you feel about ten years older throughout the day after only getting a few hours of shut-eye? Your skin feels the repercussions of a lack of sleep too. During a truly deep sleep, the acceleration of growth hormones helps to repair damaged cells, giving your body a chance to revive itself after the previous day’s harsh treatment. Without these deeper phases of sleep, the rapid response of necessary hormones doesn’t occur as often, allowing such daily breakdowns to accumulate as opposed to being reversed. The result of this stagnation leads to more obvious signs of aging over time, making your skin feel rough and your skin tone looking lackluster.

Sleep Helps Reverse Existing Skin Conditions

Those who consistently get less than the suggested 7-9 hours of sleep are prone to dealing with more health and body issues, including increased inflammation. The inflammatory response can show up in the body in the form of skin sensitivity, acne breakouts, allergic contact dermatitis reactions, or even increased irritant dermatitis. These type of skin conditions require more care and treatment for relief, and sufficient sleep can help to lower your chances of an inflamed reaction.

Sleep Can Help Diminish the Effects of Immune-Related Skin Problems

The same inflammation that causes quick-response contact reactions can also throw off the body’s ability to regulate the immune system, leading to flare-ups in immune-related skin conditions. Not only can this end up with you getting sick more often, but it can increase the likelihood of dealing with the effects of conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Sleep Amplifies Your Skin’s Natural Ability to Stay Beautiful

Ever notice how clear, soft and hydrated your skin looks and feels after a great night of sleep? This is due to the decrease in inflammatory cells in the body, a decrease that allows your body to sustain its collection of collagen molecules and hyaluronic acid. These important skin-loving molecules are what give your body’s largest organ its bouncy look and texture, as well as its translucent glow.

Sleep Fends Off Weight Gain That’s Detrimental to Your Skin

While the foods we eat can contribute to our overall health and wellness, eating too much of anything can cause weight gain. Getting proper sleep means greater weight management, which is necessary for your skin’s improvement. Sleep deprivation can cause hunger pangs as your body tries to elevate its energy levels through a caloric intake, as a result of not receiving proper shut-eye. These pangs then lead to excess snacking and calorie consumption, generally through unhealthier foods that are easily convenient. Scheduling in more time for sleep will help you reach for more fruits and vegetables, as opposed to sweets and sodium-filled meals, which can disrupt your hormones and cause skin afflictions.

Sleep Enforces Better Hydration of the Skin

When you’re happily snoozing away during the night, the body’s level of hydration rebalances itself to reach its normal limits. Your skin can recover any lost moisture throughout the previous day’s activities, while any excess water stored through bad diet choices/bloating is processed and removed. A lack of sleep can result in poor water balance, which inevitably creates the puffy bags and dark circles under your eyes, as well as increased dryness and more noticeable wrinkles over time.

Achieving the right amount of zzz’s every night is important for your entire body to remain healthy and happy. However, the many benefits of sleep in regards to your skin’s vitality should be important enough to reconsider your daily routine.

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