Zodiac makeup

Now that we have shoes and lipstick shades covered, we’re matching you with the makeup product those falling under your Zodiac sign are most likely to be drawn to. Our sun sign is the underlying force that impacts our tastes, interests, and the way we wish to project ourselves. So, let’s find out if a bright lipstick makes you feel powerful, or would you much rather stay mysterious under the veil of the smokey eye.

AriesAries lip

True to their sign, this fiery ram loves the colour red. And when it comes to makeup, it’s red lipstick, of course. To match their bold energy an Aries needs an equally vibrant product. Aries also love to be the center of attention and there’s nothing that says that you have arrived like a bright red lip.

Aries nars

Nars Velvet Lip Glide, £22


Taurus eyes

Taurus is an earth sign that’s sensual, ambitious and indulgent, yet very practical and sometimes lazy too. A muted face with an artistic pop of colour, like a green or blue eyeliner, is perfectly in sync with Taurus traits.

Taurus urban decay

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner, £17


Gemini eyes

Those falling under this Zodiac sign will love the NARS eyeshadow duo for being able to satisfy their dual personality. The Gemini girl is vibrant, unexpected, and loves to shock-and-awe.

Gemini nars

Nars Eyeshadow, £23


Cancer silver

The crab likes all things shiny and metallic which is why a silver, shimmery eyeshadow like this one by Clarins is just what a Cancer girl needs. Cancer, a water sign, is naturally drawn towards luminous colours that reflect light.  Let your eyes do all the talking with subtle hints of silver on your lids.

Cancer clarins

Clarins Eyeshadow, £19


Leo bronzer

There’s no sign that loves gold the way a Leo does. Matching their vibrant, proud and attention-seeking personality is this Laura Mercier Face Illuminator. They’re sure to outshine everyone wherever they may go while allowing their inner lioness to shine through.

Leo laura mercier

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator, £32


Virgo dewy

Virgo is the most practical of the lot and when it comes to their makeup routine, they uphold the same values. A Virgo girl looks for functionality over flamboyance. Since Virgos like a clean and fresh face that can take them through the day, this foundation by Giorgio Armani is just what they need. It covers up blemishes seamlessly while giving you a luminescent glow for up to 12 hours.

Virgo giorgio armani

Giorgio Armani Foundation, £40


Libra blush

Libras are all about beauty, peace, justice, and harmony. They have the balance (the yin-and-yang), and they tend to be drawn to all things that are naturally beautiful. Florals, spring prints, pastels, and yes, edible rosy cheeks that can be achieved with this Bobbi Brown blush vibe with them perfectly.


Libra bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown Blush, £19.50



A true femme fatale, the Scorpio gal knows just how to turn up the heat. She’s fierce and does not shy it. A black smokey eye with a hint of shimmer perfectly matches her personality.

Scorpio dior

Dior Eyeshadow Palette, £45



Probably the most adventurous sign out of the lot, a Sagittarius never shies away from making eccentric choices. She loves to keep her looks fun and fresh, while always leaving room for experimentation. A Sagittarius girl’s choice of makeup may keep changing, however, one thing that will remain constant is a bright pop of colour.

Sagittarius clinique

Clinique Lipstick, £16.50



Capricorns, like their earth sign counterpart Virgos, are practical and usually stick to tradition. They prefer going down the tried-and-tested route rather than experimenting. A true classic at heart, those in this sign love their greens, browns, and nudes. As for makeup, mascara will be their best friend as it will define lashes without making the Capricorn girl look overdone.

Capricorn ysl

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara, £25.50



Aquarians are a rather eccentric bunch who truly enjoy taking the road less traveled; even when it comes to makeup. Some of their quirks include pop coloured eyelids, funky liner flicks, and bolder than bold lip colours (think green, purple, black). But, an Aquarius girl looks best in blue. Our pick is this MAC eyeshadow that will allow the experimental Aquarian to let her freak flag fly.

Aquarius mac

Mac Eyeshadow, £13.50



This mystical mermaid is spiritual and imaginative. Pisces, just like Cancer, likes luminescent makeup which is why every Piscean girl needs to own this highlighter by Benefit. The blush undertone will give a dewy glow while adding a celestial charm to her face.

Pisces benefit

Benefit Highlighter, £21.50

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