bobbi brown leaves namesake cosmetics brand

So upbeat about the brand’s many limited editions owing to their 25th anniversary, the celebrations have taken an unexpected turn as creative director Bobbi Brown announces she will be leaving her namesake company by end of this year. You have exactly 10 days to digest that and wonder what the world of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will be like without its maker. It’s happening guys, and it’s happening fast.

Not that we won’t be able to buy that perfect base makeup by the brand that has become an irreplaceable part of our dressers, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will continue its journey under the able leadership of Peter Lichtenthal, the current Global Brand President.

Before we move on to the next chapter, let’s just take a moment to recount our favourite products by the beauty maven Bobbi Brown herself. Remember, she was the first to encourage women to be comfortable enough in their skin to wear true shades that look like you have #nomakeup on:


Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand: A fairly new addition, we love the retouching wand for its lightweight liquid application that blends well to give you great coverage. Let’s face it, you don’t need a whole face of foundation every day; what you do need is Bobbi Brown’s magic wand. It comes in a clickable pen-like container, dispensing just the right amount to cover up on the run. Also, it doesn’t pile on thick and gives an Instagram-worthy glow—no filter needed! 😉
Price: £26.50, available in nine shades.
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bobbi_brown_shimmer_brick_compact_palettesBobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact
Our favourite! These beauties are so pretty to look at, and they’re great on the skin. Each palette is packed with five shades that seamlessly complement each other; you can see it in the cake itself. A shimmer brick compact works as a blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, brow definer… basically everything!
Price: £34, available in five palettes.
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bobbi_brown_long_wear_gel_eyelinerBobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
It’s the best thing you’ll buy if you haven’t already yet. This one was god-sent for back when we didn’t know how to perfect the cat eye. It glides easy (use the BB Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush), stays put because of the gel formula which makes it water resistant, and looks just as good on the lower lash line or to dramatize your wing tip.
Price: £19, available in 13 shades including black and brown, and fun ones like blue, purple, teal.
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bobbi_brown_lip_glossesBobbi Brown Lip Gloss
Again, every day is not one for bright lipsticks. We’ve found that the brand’s lip glosses are a good bet for work which is why they’ve become a staple in our handbags. They’re not sticky and messy; they give you a moisturised-looking pout that’s even-toned and stays in place for up to 6 hours. This, for days when you’ve been stuffing your face with bagels and muffins. Sure, the sheen isn’t as prominent after four hours, but the undertone of the colour still rings true.
Price: £19.50, available in 13 shades.
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bobbi_brown_creamy_concealer_kitBobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit
One of the first cult products of the brand, the creamy concealer kit made the art of camouflaging your flaws so simple. You’ve got the cream-based cake to hide blemishes, and the powder-based one to even out your skin tone and blend well with the area around. While the Retouching Wand is better for when you’re on the run, the creamy concealer kit is the ultimate fix for a more detailed cover up before you head to a party or social event. Also, it’s great for dark circles or to beat that hungover look.
Price: £24, the duo palette is available in fifteen shades.
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