how to prevent hair damage in cold weather

While there are many things to love about fall – indulging in warm beverages, wearing cozy scarves, the changing of the leaves – there’s always one element to the season that remains inevitable and irritating, and that’s the onset of cold weather leading to hair damage. Even if you’re personally a fan of rainy days and chilly temperatures, your hair tends to think otherwise. Well, it’s time to bring your mane around to your way of thinking. Learn how to prevent hair damage in cold weather conditions, and let your beautiful tresses enjoy the season as much as you do.

Keep Hydration Front and Center Through Weekly Conditioning Treatments

Constant dry air means possible damage to all types of hair textures, so focusing on weekly hair conditioning treatments is paramount to replace any lost moisture. Between the cold, dry air outdoors and the hot, dry air from heating systems indoors, your mane is likely to become dehydrated. Taking the time to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week can help prevent moisture loss and repair any damage that’s already been done. Allow yourself to pamper your strands by applying extra conditioner and leaving it in for up to 30 minutes for the hydrating properties to penetrate your hair follicles. This can leave your hair feeling soft and smooth, while also protecting it from breakage.

weekly conditioning treatments

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Leave the Platinum Hair Color Behind During Colder Months

There’s no denying that platinum hair can make a gorgeous fashion statement. However, staying true to your natural color during colder months is important to avoid excessive dehydration and breakage to your hair. Intense color dyes and chemicals can be highly damaging to the hair in general, but your mane truly has no chance to revive itself when it’s dealing with dry, cold air every day to boot. Leave your roots a little darker, or as close to your natural color as possible, and only apply a demi-permanent hue while the chilly weather is still in effect. Once your chosen dye washes out, the chemical process won’t be as detrimental to your tresses as lighter colors would be during this season.

Don’t Go Outside With Damp Hair

Running out the door with wet hair isn’t always a choice, depending on how late you are to work or school. However, try your best to dry your hair thoroughly before heading out into the cold to prevent breakage to your strands. If your hair almost freezes in the cold weather while it’s damp, it can absolutely be possible for it to break or become brittle, leading to unhealthy locks. Take the time to dry it to avoid this result, retaining your hair’s moisture, strength and color for longer periods of time.

Shampoo Your Hair Less Frequently to Avoid a Flaky, Itchy Scalp

While the thought of shampooing less may be a turnoff for you, it can help prevent your scalp from drying out due to the endless cycle of chemicals. A dry scalp can lead to itching and flaking, unsightly symptoms no one wants to deal with on a daily basis. Lighten up on the cleansing, or try fortifying shampoos designed to help those concerned with dry scalp issues. Even improving your dietary choices and managing your stress levels can help with scalp problems, but for cold weather, less shampooing is a better solution to achieving fast results. Shop for shampoos here

Restore Your Hair With Oils or Serums

Since dry air is so capable of sucking moisture from your skin and hair, using essential oils or serums on occasion can help prevent hair breakage. Applying them on dry hair and leaving them in for the recommended time before showering, or even leaving them in overnight, can be perfect for adding much-needed hydration to your tresses.

restore hair with oils or serums

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Fall weather doesn’t have to be a bummer for your luscious locks. Keep your hair moisturized and healthy through any weather conditions by keeping these tips in mind, and implementing them when necessary.