There’s a new kind of ombre in town. It’s a fresher, slightly more gothic take on the ombre hair trend that’s been present in the fashion and beauty world for several seasons now.

Want to update your light ombre locks for the Autumn/Winter season? Then it’s time to go over to the dark side.

Here’s our trend spotlight on how to rock dark ombre hair.

Take visuals to your hairdresser.

The only way that you’re going to get exactly what you’re looking for is by taking photos to your hairdresser.

You need to ask for brunette roots that naturally flow into dark blonde ends and give your hair an overall darker appearance. Think: Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson and Mimi Bouchard for inspiration.

Let your hairdresser advise you in terms of the exact shades to apply for your two-tone look, as they will be able to personalise them to compliment your skin complexion and features. For instance, light brunette roots are better suited to paler skin tones, and dark brunette roots look more complimentary against olive skin.

Use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

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Following your trip to the hairdressers, your hair is likely to feel extremely dry and weak from the continuous blasts of colour dye, therefore it’s important to undertake a proper hair maintenance regime.

Our recommended hair-care regime is to use a smoothing or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that specifically nourishes and protects damaged hair. You can also invest in a repairing oil, to apply when your hair is wet, that will further promote good hair health.

Wear your hair curly.

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The best way to showcase dark ombre hair is through wavy and curly hair styles. The gradient of the hues from dark to light is a lot more subtle this way, whereas straight hair just shows blocks of colour.

From big barrel curls to beach waves, anything with body goes. If your hair is fairly thin and you need some extra volume to create this look, simply invest in some texturising or volume-enhancing spray.

Add shine spray.

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Shine spray promotes the natural shine of your hair and serves as the perfect finishing touch to your curly dark ombre hairstyle. It will also keep your curls in tact.

Apply to your hair when all the curls are in place as a final polishing treatment, and then sit back and admire your handiwork!

Use a moisturizing mask regularly.

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Another way to fully protect and maintain your dark ombre hairstyle is to apply a strengthening or moisturising mask on a regular basis. This usual recommendation is to use this kind of mask once per week, or once per fortnight, depending on the bottle’s instructions. Either way, try to keep up with a regular hair routine as this will help sustain your hair’s natural health in preparation for your next trip to the hairdressers!

The dark ombre hair trend is undeniably luscious. However, if you don’t undergo the proper care for your hair, it will lose hydration in the cold weather and start to look dull and lifeless, which ruins the dark ombre effect. Our tips should help you not only rock dark ombre hair, but rock it with style.

Now all you need is a killer outfit!

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