Spring time calls for a makeup revamp; it’s time you do away with plum lips and smokey eyes, ASAP! Spring is all about colours with a hint of subtlety. It’s not about wearing the brightest lipstick or shimmering eyeshadow. Instead, spring makeup trends have moved toward a dewy, soft face with a tinge of colour. And because the weather has gotten slightly warmer, it’s imperative to ensure your makeup is sweat free. This also means that you need makeup that will last you an entire day without cracking, creasing or smudging. We’ve made a list of 9 tried-and-tested bestselling products that you need this spring!


Clinique mascara

Clinique Waterproof Mascara, £15.75

What’s better than a smudge-free, anti-flaking, waterproof mascara? Well, nothing. This mascara by Clinique is just what you need for spring time. You can go all day without this mascara making it’s way down to your cheeks, looking fresh as ever.

Clinique lipbalm

Clinique Tinted Lipbalm & Lip Scrub, £13.50

A good lip balm is better than a long-lasting lipstick. Why? Because it does two jobs at once: Nourishes, and adds colour! However, this baby does three jobs. This tinted lip balm and lip scrub by Clinique also exfoliates those chapped lips and nourishes them soon after.

Stilla lipgloss

Stila Lipgloss, £18.60

For a little sheen and colour, this lipgloss by Stila is all that you need. Quick application, long lasting, and available in an array of colours—I think we’ve got a winner. But wait, we haven’t told you the best part yet: This lipgloss is free from parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes.

Dior blush

Dior Blush, £31

Since spring is about colour, don’t forget to add a hint of rosiness to the apples of your cheeks. Plus, this blush by Dior has a subtle golden shimmer which is perfect to give you that spring glow.

Giorgio armani cc cream

Giorgio Armani CC Cream, £36.50

Someone say foundation?! I’m sorry ladies, but with soaring temperatures foundation should be the last thing on your mind. Try a CC cream instead. It works like a foundation to cover blemishes and create an even canvas, however, it’s much lighter and super hydrating.

Estee lauder primer

Estee Lauder Primer, £30

Primers will become your best friend this season. They create the perfect base for you to work your makeup magic on. Plus, they prevent your skin from getting too oily, or too dry. The Estee Lauder Primer is a moisturising balm that keeps your skin soft, all day, every day.

Urban decay mascara

Urban Decay Eyeliner, £17

Now here’s where the colour comes in. We know eyeshadows can be quite overwhelming with all that blending and fall out, so a better alternative would be a coloured liner. With a simple flick, you’ll add just the right amount of colour without looking like you’ve tried too hard. Not confident about your eyeliner skills? Check our guide here and become a pro!

Brow kit dior

Dior Brow Kit, £18.60

Brows can make or break your overall look. Fill your brows to precision with this brow kit by Dior and there won’t be a day when your eyebrows aren’t on fleek.

Highlighter benefit

Benefit Highlighter, £19.50

For that perfect spring-going-into-summer glow, use this bronze highlighter by Benefit. Just apply a tad bit on your cheekbones, nose bridge, and forehead for that sun-kissed look.

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