Haven’t you often wondered, ‘Do we actually need all these products?’ Skincare is a sensitive topic and requires tons of research which also at times may fall short because everyone has varied skin needs. Genes, environment, eating and drinking habits, and lifestyle are some of the main components that have an effect on our skin. And while cleanse + exfoliate + tone + moisturise is the routine most of us swear by, the Asians have added another step to this already extensive line-up by the way of face serums. And, they do make a difference.

What Is Face Serum?

Face serums are lightweight moisturisers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your pores. They are infused with nutrients, ceramides, glycerin, natural ingredients (cucumber, aloe vera), and vitamins like C, K, E. These come together to target dullness, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Face serums are either oil or water-based products, that usually come in a creamy gel form.

How Often Could I Use Serum?

It’s advisable to use face serum once a day, probably before you head out for the day. Create a clear base for your makeup using a serum. It’s best to apply the serum before you moisturise.

Is Serum The Same As Face Oil And/Or Essence?

Traditional serums are water-based however the shift toward oil-based serums have increased recently. Water-based formulas nourish the inner layer of the skin by penetrating through it and going under the cream. Oil-based serums have larger molecules and sit on top of the moisturiser and keep your skin hydrated through the day.

Essence, on the other hand, is essentially a less concentrated version of a face serum so yes, if you’re looking to reverse and repair damage, serums trump essences, and sometimes moisturisers too!

On that note, we’ve rounded up our favourite tried-and-tested face serums that you should definitely buy:


Liz earle serum

Liz Earle, £48

If you’re looking for radiant, youthful skin, try this face serum by Liz Earle that is enriched with the most powerful naturally active ingredients, including Persian silk tree extract to even skin tone, pomegranate flower extract to lift and firm, and rhubarb root extract to plump and smooth.


Trilogy serum

Trilogy, £29.50

Trilogy’s uniquely formulated antioxidant complex Rosapene is a blend of rosehip oil and powerful antioxidants. It nourishes skin while helping protect against free radical damage which would otherwise age you. Sea algae boosts skin radiance, while aloe maintains moisture balance and soothes for a smoother, glowing complexion.


Clinique serum

Clinique, £37.99

The “smart” serum from Clinique claims to understand the particular needs of your skin, providing custom repair for the skin. This one-of-a-kind technology helps to diminish lines and wrinkles, firms and lifts skin, and reduces dark spots, improving overall radiance and texture.


Guerlain serum

Guerlain, £43.50

Looking to get that perfect tanned glow? Guerlain’s Terracotta Sun Serum is exactly what you need. This serum not only protects your skin from the damage, it also gives you that sun-kissed glow by boosting your tan.


Chanel serum

Chanel, £98

The lightweight water-based Hydra Beauty Micro Serum from Chanel contains Camellia Japonica extract that will “infuse skin with exceptional hydration” said to last 24 hours. Other ingredients besides this plant make the formula a good hydrating serum for normal to dry skin. If you’re willing to splurge, this product will not disappoint.


Korres serum

Korres, £39

Need a product for instant skin rejuvenation that also fights wrinkles? The Castanea Arcadia Face Serum by Korres includes a revolutionary technology known as  Active HALupeol which has anti-wrinkle properties. What’s more, it is combined with Castanea Arcadia extract which is among the top antioxidants.


Clarins serum

Clarins, £28

Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum slows down oil production, reduces the appearance of dilated pores and creates a flawless skin texture overtime. Your complexion becomes radiant and clear day after day.

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