fool proof tips on how to grow your hair long and healthy

Long hair comes in and out of fashion like planes out of Heathrow. Unfortunately, unless you plan on throwing a lot of cash behind quality extensions (not to mention their maintenance) there is a longer growing period before achieving your Rapunzel goals. If you’re committed to growing your hair, you need to know the right way to go about it so you don’t end up with long rat tails of dead ends. Long hair only looks fabulous if it’s healthy and growing long, healthy hair takes time and effort. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are our foolproof tips on achieving insta-worthy locks.

 Avoid Heat Styling Long Term

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We all know heat styling isn’t good for our hair but from time to time it’s hard to resist the urge to coif a full head of curls or flat iron our tresses for a slick pony. The key is all about moderation. Work with the natural texture of your hair and find a way to style your hair on a regular basis that doesn’t involve heat. If you love curls, try plaiting your hair overnight to create waves, using flexible rollers or the rag method to create volume and curl. If you prefer a straighter look, simply let air dry while combing through with your fingers every ten minutes. You can still pull out the big heat styling guns for date night or a special occasion but the less you use them the better.

 Cut Down On Washing 

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Next, to heat styling and bleaching, you might be surprised to know that shampooing is one of the worst things you can put your hair through. Washing your hair once per week really is sufficient and as your hair gets longer, trust us when we say your arms will thank you later on! Washing any more than this will only strip your hair of its natural oils. If you find your hair gets greasy too quickly for a weekly wash, you’ve already striped your hair with too many oils already. To reverse the situation, build up to one week between washes by skipping a day at a time over the course of one month. The night before your big hair wash, comb through a generous amount of virgin coconut oil into dry hair and loosely plait. Getting into a habit of loosely plaiting your hair every night before bed is also the best way to avoid breakage during the night. The coconut oil works like an intensive moisturizing mask, helping to keep the hair shaft healthy and adding shine. Long hair is effectively old hair and so requires more care than new hair closer to the roots.

 Adopt A New Washing Regime

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The morning of your hair wash should begin with a good soak in warm water to open up the follicles and rinse through the oily barrier of coconut oil you applied the night before. Next, apply a hair scrub to your scalp and massage in circular motions to stimulate hair growth and remove any product build-up and rinse well. Then apply your shampoo to your roots, targeting only the youngest part of the hair. As you rinse, allow the shampoo to run down the lengths of your hair, gently cleaning the rest of your tresses. Finally, skip conditioner for an intensive mask, leave on as directed and rinse well with cold water to close the hair follicle and increase shine.

Know Your Fabrics

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Standard toweling is long hair’s nightmare. Twisting your hair up in a towel turban after the shower will only cause damage. Instead, wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt, guaranteed not to snag your ends. Consider replacing your pillowcases too, silk covers are much more hair friendly, reducing unnecessary breakage even further.

Always Get Regular Trims

It sounds counter productive but getting regular trims every 12 weeks is essential. No matter how hard we try, the very ends of our will get damaged. To promote healthy hair growth from the scalp and also to avoid tail ends, tell your hair stylist you are growing out your hair and ask them just to snip off the very end, no more than a quarter of an inch. Do remember to book your next appointment before you leave the salon to ensure you stick to the 12 week schedule.

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