best sheet masks for summer skincare

So, 2016 gave us sheet masks which basically include individually packed sheet, paper, or cloth that’s been doused in a potent mix of nourishing skincare ingredients. This, you need to leave on your face for about 10-30 minutes (depending on the mask), and Voila! Your skin looks fresh, hydrated, and healthier… and, yes, they’re legit! I’ve used plenty, and so has everyone from Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, to Chrissy Teigen, Adam Levine, and Chris Pratt; just check their Insta accounts for proof.

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So, of the 100s, maybe even 1000s out there in the market, if you’re wondering how to pick the winner for your skin, just know that the season and your skin problems dictate which one would be a good fit. I sampled quite a few to bring you our top favourites for Summer—each targets a specific concern. Also, I’ve focused on options that aren’t too pricey, yet effective; you’ll see:

Hydration Fix: Sampar H20 Emergency Masks

sampar emergency hydration sheet masks

Price: £16.80 for a 3 pack

Rating: 5/5

What’s In It: Caulerpa extract and Urban Advance Complex. Both, fancy terms for ingredients that are packed with hydration and antioxidants to de-stress your skin.

Use: Apply to clean skin after you’ve washed and dried your face. Leave it on for 30 minutes before removing.

Verdict: It’s quite an affordable fix for when your skin needs an instant lift-me-up. The serum is lightweight and you can even do without washing your face after. The skin feels supple and plumped up for about 2-3 days, easy. You can give this one a weekly go, and you’re set.

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Summer Tan Fix: Decléor Aroma White C+ Intense Brightening Mask

decleor aroma white brightening face mask

Price: £44 for a 5 pack

Rating: 4/5

What’s In It: Peony tamarix, saxifrage, and liquorice extracts, and vitamin C.

Use: Apply to a washed and dried face. Leave it on for 10 minutes before removing. Massage the excess product into the skin after you take off the sheet.

Verdict: Now, here’s the thing. Whitening masks, like anti-ageing masks typically cost more than hydration masks. But, that price for a 5 pack turns out to be a good deal. If you’ve got pigmentation problems, or have developed dark spots due to sun exposure, this one’s a great fix. I recommend you take it with you on holiday so you can treat the damage in time. Also, give it a month’s use to truly see the effect of the mask. Removing tan and treating pigmentation spots is a gradual process, unlike hydration.

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Dry & Ageing Skin Fix: Origins Youth Renewing Sheet Mask

origins youth renewing sheet masks

Price: £28.80 for a 6 pack

Rating: 4.5/5

What’s In It: Tamanu, raspberry seed and rosehip oils (the last ingredient is Kate Middleton’s fix, too).

Use: Apply to washed and dried face. Leave it on for 10 minutes before stripping the sheet. Wipe off the excess, but don’t wash it off. Let the residue of the product sink into the pores.

Verdict: This one’s a steal as an anti-ageing fix. No, really. Most anti-ageing sheet masks cost over £50 for a 3 pack. Now, you may not be fighting signs of ageing and wrinkles yet, but if you’re one of those, like me, whose skin dries out in the summer (starved for hydration), you’ll begin to notice a tightness and flakiness that no moisturiser can seem to fix. Look at the under eye area; that’s usually a dead giveaway. I tried the Origins Plantscription Sheet Mask and I have to say, it works as well as my favourite under eye cream. Your skin feels super moisturised, but not greasy and even the tone of your complexion improves to a healthier shade (not ashen any longer).

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