This week we got a chance to be introduced to this NY based stunning Mom to be. Conz Preti is the regional director at BuzzFeed  and we are crushing on all her articles right now! Here, she shares how is motherhood treating her and changing her life, and a few of her favorite things.

Let’s get to hear from her on the Fashion secrets for the new moms to be!

1. Tell us best part of being associated with Buzzfeed?

I love my job, my colleagues, our office, what we do, how we touch people’s lives. It’s just great to be surrounded by so many talented and loving humans.

2. What has been your best article on BuzzFeed so far?

This one where I posed like a Suicide-girl for a week on Instagram.

3. Since it’s official that you are going to be blessed with a baby, Share your excitement level with us.

I am super excited but also super terrified. I have never in my life changed a diaper so we’ll see how that goes.

4. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your pregnancy period?

That everyone wants to tell you how you should do things, you are not allowed to have your own opinion because everyone from doctors, friends, mothers, people who have never had kids, coworkers, strangers on the street, will tell you how and when you should do things. Also that people love touching pregnant bellies a little more so than they should. When it comes to clothes, I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with maternity clothes, yes they are more comfortable but why are they from like 5 years ago style wise? Ugh.

5. Which are the Maternity-wear brands that you swear by?

I discovered Storq on Instagram and decided to try their “basics” package. The quality and cut of the clothes were SO good I immediately went back and bought almost everything they have available. The pieces are so versatile and flattering, and what’s best is that they are also designed with postpartum in mind, which makes me feel less guilty about buying clothes I will only wear for a couple of months.

6. Clothing that you avoid wearing totally during pregnancy?

Anything that makes you uncomfortable to be honest. Pregnancy is already hard on our bodies, there is no need to also be walking around with jeans that don’t let you breathe or undies that put pressure right where baby is. Make sure you are comfy and that will make your day 10 times better. Also, we get a pass when pregnant because people feel like we look beautiful all the time anyway, so… use that in your favor!

7. What is your everyday beauty routine like? Any product recommendations for new moms-to-be?

I try to use everything natural in my routine or at least as natural as it can be. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to beauty routines, I started moisturizing about a year ago because I just hate the feel of creams on my body, but I’m also aware that at 34 it was a good time to start doing something. And that’s usually what I do, just moisturize. The one thing I’ve added since getting pregnant is cocoa butter for my belly to avoid stretch marks. They are genetic, so there’s little you can actually do to really avoid them, but so far my skin has stayed super hydrated and soft. Recently I’ve also added marula oil to my face at night after brushing my teeth. Everyone is obsessed with oils lately and I wanted to try, so far I can’t tell the difference in my skin, but it’s a nice way to give my face a little massage before snoozing.

8. The three beauty products you wouldn’t leave the house without! Lip balm, I hate chapped lips.

Eyebrow goop, because my eyebrows are so long and have a life of their own, I need to keep them in place. Perfume, always smell good!

9. Share the secret recipe of how this Mommy-to-be allures her everyday looks?

To be honest, it really depends on how I’m feeling that day. Pregnancy is such a mystery, you go from having all the energy in the world to being super tired and not manage to crawl out for the couch. I really struggled at the beginning of the pregnancy with being comfortable and looking good, plus being warm because we got a brutally cold winter in NY this year. So I just went for basics, which is really not my thing, but it made my mornings less stressful. Also at the beginning it was all about hiding the belly because I hadn’t told that many people, now it is all about accentuating the belly, so I’m into a lot more tight fitting dresses than ever.

10. What are your 5 must have fashion items that you can’t survive without?

Platforms, i hate heels but i love the height of a good platform. Jeans, there’s nothing more comfortable than a good pair of jeans and you can dress them up and down. Red lips, It’s the only color that I think goes really well with my skin tone and can be worn with any outfit really. A leather jacket, it can radically change an outfit for the better. A good haircut, I love playing with my hair and doing crazy things to it, but finally discovered a stylist that really gets my hair and it has been life changing.

11. What pieces do you love investing in and why?

Shoes. I love to wear basic outfits with wild shoes. Also because my weight fluctuates but my feet stay the same, so I can be totally sure that they will fit regardless of the time of year 😛 Also, a good pair of jeans. Sure, you can get a lot of cheap jeans that are in fashion, but nothing like a good denim to last you forever and really fit properly

12. Let’s conclude off with a few favorites.

Color: Rainbow 🙂
Destination: Any beach, as long as it’s warm and sunny.
Cuisine: Italian
Brand: Vans and J Crew

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