This week we interviewed someone really special. Someone who is a living example of success. Stacia Pierce. Stacia Pierce is the Founder and CEO of, she has taken empowerment to an entirely new level by helping others turn obstacles into opportunities.

Pierce was named Top Women Who Mean Business by the Orlando Business Journal for her system of turning passions into paychecks, enabling her to motivate fellow entrepreneurs worldwide.

With books, newsletters, retail products, appearances and countless online outlets as part of her growing empire, Pierce is able to inspire over 100,000 people weekly and shows no signs of slowing down.

1. What inspired you to start which no doubt has taken empowerment to an entirely new level

My career stemmed from my Women’s Success Conference. At first, I was just an author and speaker, and then many people requested me to help them launch their businesses. After my conference each year, I was getting many letters and calls for private coaching. People wanted to know how to do what I was doing, profiting from my passion. I began with about 20 clients, showing them step-by-step how to discover their passion and monetize it for a profit.

Once I started, everything began to take off. We just launched the online business and blog to stay on trend with the new way of doing business. My business and blog was an extension of what I had been doing for years. The new format allowed me to reach many more people, enabling me to leverage my training and programs in a new exciting way. Only one month after we launched, we had grown to almost 100 clients and it has been multiplying ever since.

2. What is the secret weapon you use in helping new entrepreneurs reach their business goals?

My number one secret weapon for reaching your biz goals is find your true voice and authentic self and then live that truth through your message, the materials you create and marketing efforts.

3. What’s the little secret that will help anyone to have longevity and success in business and stop them from giving up on their idea?

If you’re going to have longevity in business, you need a coach or mentor.
Find a mentor and tribe that matches your core values. Someone who is aligned with your vision and what you want to accomplish in life. The right coach will help you navigate tough waters and give you short cuts to success because they have already succeeded in achieving what you want.

You also should stay relevant. Always keep learning and growing so that you can transcend and excel over time. When you stop growing, your vision becomes stale and you become demotivated and want to quit. Your business evolves as you evolve so keep growing! One way to do this is to subscribe to industry magazines or blogs that fit you.

4. What’s the one thing that stops people from going after their entrepreneurial dreams and getting into a 9-5 jobs.

The biggest barrier is the fear if the unknown. Many people are afraid of what it is going to take to start a business. Most dreams die between what to do and how to do it. So, people usually stop before they can get started because of lack of the right information.

Many people seek out my help when they are at this point in life. I start them off with my signature clarity kit so that they can get clear about their business goals and objectives and have confidence in moving forward with their entrepreneurial endeavor.

5. Let’s talk Fashion, What’s your take on power dressing?

Your image educates people on how you want to be treated. If you want to treated as though you’re a power player in your industry. It important to dress the part. Observe key players in your industry and follow suit. Of course you can add your own personal style, but stay within the parameters so that your image works with you not against you.

6. What are the key fashion elements for any lady to get their professional mark right.

  • We live in a day where you can truly express your individual style and be celebrated. It’s important to find elements that allow you to express your individuality while looking professional and stylish. I also recommend dressing your best according you can afford. Yet, make plans to upgrade often.
  • Ease of style. Where what fits you so that you can be confident and beautiful without feeling uncomfortable. I would tailor as much as possible. Your clothes look best when they are tailored with fit your shape.
  • Accessories are also important. They help make the outfit. Jewelry, handbag, shoes can really make your look shine. Also, since we are discussing professional dress, comfort is as important as design. Wear shoes that are beautiful but you’re able to work in. Your Feet hurting is on the job is a big distraction.
  • Purchase a functional but beautiful bag. One that can carry your work essentials and still look sleek.

7. What are your go to looks for motivational and professional gatherings.

I love to wear dresses. They go from day to evening. They also photograph well.

Being a Floridian I like to wear midi and maxi dress with platform heels to a meeting during the day and transcend that look into night time functions.

8. The three beauty products you wouldn’t leave the house without!


I cant go anywhere without my NYX matte lipstick in “shocking pink”

And my MAC lipstick “Cream de la Femme”

I never leave home without my MAC Studiofix foundation

And lastly, this product is a lifesaver, really! Saje hand lotion called Clean Hands. It’s infused with essential oils that fight germs! I love it.

9. Name 5 of your favorite brands for professional dressing.

10. Any special tip for anyone who is struggling in their business and can’t take it up to the next level.

First, Get help from someone who has already done what you’re trying to do. Like I mentioned earlier, a good mentor can help guide you on the right path and help you avoid pitfalls. They can also help you devise a strategy to reach your next level.
Second, Get intuitive get quiet and think and your intuition will guide you. We are all intuitive beings. You have to learn to trust your gut. It gets easier to do with meditation. Listen within for guidance to reach out to certain people, take a certain path or even create new products. The answers will come to you when you are quiet and actively meditating.
Lastly, get a journal and start writing about what you want to be, do and have. Capture all of your ideas that come to you daily in your journal.
Your journal will turn into a road map that you can use for your next steps.

My Success Journal is designed to unlock your creativity, foster your vision and keep you thinking about your future. Journaling is a sure way to get unstuck. When you get through writing your 101 goals, filling in your vision pages and writing out what you really want in life, you will soon fo from where you are to where you want to be.