This week we introduce you to Camila, The master mind behind Camila’s believes that a room should be an effortless reflection of who you are, and works with her super talented team to prove the same. With her brilliant design sense and the understanding of everyone’s different personal taste and needs, she is helping people turn their houses into homes.— regardless of the budget.

Let’s hear from her:

1. What sparked your interest in Interiors and life-style and drove you to make a career out of it?

I have always enjoyed being in beautiful surroundings. When I was 11 it was having a two tone lilac and pink formica bedroom set and it just evolved from there. It has just always been something that has been important to me. Not only in interiors, but also in entertaining and how you present yourself to the world. Details are important to me especially in design and I’m so happy I was able to make a career of sharing what I love.

2. What is the best part about being an interior designer?

Getting to work closely with different people. As a designer you spent so much time with the families that you work with. You know how they run their home, learn the kids names and favorite activities, enjoy cuddling with the family dog. At the end of a project they are truly friends that you follow up with years after. There is nothing better than helping people turn their houses into homes.

3. How would you define your design aesthetics?

My personal design aesthetic is traditional with a twist. I love the mix of old and new, color and pattern and a little does of whimsy for good measure. I love a space that just screams happy!

4. What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started Effortless style interiors?

Trust your gut. Sometimes when you met with a potential client you can get a feeling that you just aren’t a good match. It’s good to trust your gut and let the client know that perhaps you aren’t a perfect match and then offer them a referral to someone more aligned with their vision. It’s hard because as a designer you can work in many different design styles, but if you see you both have very different visions for a space it will never work out.

5. How do you balance creativity with commerce?

I think you can be creative in any budget. We like to get a firm budget with a client in the beginning because there is nothing worse than falling in love with something you can’t have. I always tell clients I have favorite fabrics in the $20 a yard range, but I also have favorites in the $150 range. Both are really pretty and make my heart sing, but we need to know what budget bucket we are in before sourcing begins.

6. Product you would suggest people to invest in for 2018 that’s will turn out to be a classic for their houses.

I’m loving furniture wrapped in grasscloth. It can be an expense, but I think it can be done beautifully and if it’s lacquered as well then it will stand the test of time and really be around for years to come. It’s a classic with a twist.

7. Let’s talk fashion, How would you define your personal style?

I think I was a Southern in a former life, because I’m all about the preppy classics, collared shirts, gingham skirts, statement jewels and monogram everything! Ok, I may not dress like that everyday, but I do think I lean towards a more Preppy/Kate Spade with a little bit of Anthropologie and Madewell thrown into play.

8. Since we all know, you are raised a city girl, How would you rate yourself in following trends?

I have actually always been one to go against the crowds so if I see everyone buying into a trend I tend to rung the other way. I buy what I love and in doing so I buy things that make me happy and make my home look like me. Trends can be fun to try out so I don’t think you should shy away from them exactly, but perhaps don’t invest a ton into them. Once I see them everywhere from clothing to napkins and everything in between I tend to shy away from them completely. It took me a while to have chevron back in my good graces and even now I use it when it’s done more like an ikat chevron and very sparingly.

9. Name one of you favorite trend from last year.

Millennial pink was a favorite even though I don’t exactly get why it’s called Millennial Pink. Maybe I’m too old to know! I have always loved pink and in a pale form it’s a great neutral so. It was nice to see it so readily available and have people open to it.

10. What pieces do you love investing in and why?

Artwork is one of my favorite pieces to invest in. There is nothing better than finding a piece of artwork that you connect with. It might evoke a certain feeling in you or make you remember a certain place, etc. With blogs, Instagram and Pinterest it’s so easy name to search and find amazingly talented artists. You don’t need to go to a stuffy gallery because it’s all at your finger tips. I love knowing who the people are behind my artwork and I think having something custom commissioned is the most decadent thing you can do! I say go for it! Artwork stands the test of time. We have pieces I purchased when both of my boys were born and one day I hope to give them to them so that they can use them in their own homes.

11. Name your 5 favorite fashion Brands/ Designers? What is it about their designs that appeals to you maximum?

Kate Spade
Mara Hoffman
Carolina Herrera

12. How do you manage to keep your skin healthy while running on a busy schedule like this?

It’s been a game of trial or error and honestly for the most part I just used a make up wipe at the end of the day and called it day. Recently though I started trying out many products and I’m really happy with Rodan & Fields.

13. The three beauty products you wouldn’t leave the house without!

Concealer, Mascara and a bold lipstick.