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Get ready for some puppy love this summer—the kind that will make you go ‘woof’ for a pair of shoes, a bag, or maybe even a bedspread. British designer Cath Kidston (don’t you love her?) is working on her third Disney-inspired series after the aww-dorable Winnie The Pooh, and Mickey Mouse editions.

Spotted: A polka-dotted cutie pooching around a Cath Kidston tote; and no, you’re not seeing double. The 101 Dalmations collection’s first look features a bag with Patch’s face on it—puppy eyes, little button nose, floppy years included.

Like this signature print, Cath Kidston’s drawn up five artworks in total with the help of Disney illustrators. She’s even sourced some puppy poses straight from the movie’s archives.

And, the collaboration, well, it all kind of fits. If you’ve noticed, Cath has always made use of spots, paws, roses, and London-inspired motifs. The city is the hometown of both Kidston, and the 101 Dalmations who she’s canvassing in a collection of accessories, apparel separates, kidswear, and home and décor products.

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The 101 Dalmations x Cath Kidston limited edition will hit stores in the UK on 26th March, although there’s a promotional online exclusive on 25th for those who want to grab them as fast as they can.

If you’re wondering what the rest of the collection looks like, well, Kidston’s team has only released the dotted tote for now. But, the artwork that’s doing the rounds shows prints of Notting Hill townhouses interspersed with vintage rose vines, and other characters like Pongo, Perdita, and their spotted puppies who make appearances on the bags, dresses, and other merchandise.

Now, not to sound like Cruella de Vil, but we’d love a Dalmatian print (not fur) cape to play it cool this summer.

We’re Seeing Spots, Are You?

polka dots trend cath kidston 101 dalmations

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