Pivotal characters that form the spine of spectacular movies, these Oscar-winning leading ladies share between them earnest performances with many layers that connect with you on an emotional and physical level, even if you’ve never been in the character’s shoes. They were no ordinary sidekicks/love interests to macho male leads (pfft); the actresses that bag the top awards leave you with iconic images of the heroines of your time, and there’s a lot you can learn from them in every aspect.

Take, for instance, Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, or even Jennifer Lawrence. They embodied the strong characters and brought them to life and, they did so without OTT makeup or always being fashion conscious if the role demanded they dress down. On that note, we take a lesson in elegance from the leading ladies in Academy Award-winning films that sported these understated trends to embellish their characters, just so.

Scarlet Oxblood Lips

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You know a woman means business when she puts on red lipstick

Just take a moment to observe the gorgeousness that is Meryl Streep. In Sophie’s Choice, she played an emotionally vulnerable yet immensely strong woman and was acclaimed for the character (imagine a mother having to choose which one among her two children must live). The Oxblood lipstick has been used time and again to denote incredible courage inherently interwoven with femininity. Recall Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose, and Natalie Portman in Black Swan? These are characters that are etched in our memories forever.

2017’s Twist: Choose an outfit that’s super millennial, like a black strapless jumpsuit. Then, pair it with the Oxblood lipstick to exhibit a new-age vibe of this timeless Oscar beauty trend. Remember, wear the Oxblood lipstick only on occasion, else it’ll fail to make the same impact.

Alternatively, you could stock up on varying shades of red for different moods. A fiery orange-red is glamorous; an Oxblood shade, fierce; a rosy pink-red, flirtatious; the brown-red, most subtle.

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Tie-Up Corset

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Celebrating the female form

Long-associated with shackles of the past, archaic norms, and traditions, and women’s second-class citizen status in households, the corset was once a wardrobe staple for the leading ladies in movies because they truly reflected the real on reel. It all began with Janet Gaynor in 7th Heaven. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare In Love and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday dressed the parts with this form-fitting garment that was tailored for the lady—not for the girl, not for the woman, but for the lady.

2017’s Twist: No, most certainly don’t bind yourself in corsets that tear your skin, can leave you feeling faint, or squeeze your insides to give you an unrealistic waistline. But, don’t discount the power and allure of the corset either. The IT girls of today have taken a step in the superwoman direction. Wearing the corset over a formal shirt with a nice blazer is the way to go. Dior did another take, where they used the corset to create comfortable camisoles that can be paired with layered skirts for the Marie Antoinette vibe.

And, to command the bedroom space, yes, wear nothing else but a sexy boudoir corset and own it like a boss (red lipstick, high heels, and even a pretend whip, maybe?).

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Modest Gold Jewellery…

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… for the girl on a mission

See, the logic’s pretty straightforward. When you’re a woman on a mission, you don’t really have the time to deck up. Weren’t we all taken aback by Jodie Foster’s role in Silence Of The Lambs? It’s not every day that a woman hunts down a gruesome man-eater (shudder). If you can’t relate to that then we have Cate Blanchett from Blue Jasmine for you. She’s just like any average woman, juggling her family life with her professional one simultaneously (women do have superpowers, don’t they?). Jennifer Lawrence’s intense role in Silver Linings Playbook is another character we adore. All of these women ensured they were presentable regardless of what kind of a fix they were in. They used the means of simple gold baubles to do so. Do you side with them?

2017’s Twist: Gold might come off as boring in this age of shimmer and glitter. What you can do is buy a plain gold chain that will go with anything and get several pendants to change it up—one with your birthstone, one with your initials, one with a symbol of your faith, one in a versatile shape (flower, basic round, ring); what say?

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