Selena Gomez has evolved into quite a fashion icon from her early days as a Disney star. From making appearances in plain sneakers and cropped tops, Selena has become an international style celebrity in her own right. If she continues with things the same way, she’ll become a major global star in a few years. And she’s already everywhere you look, be it top magazine covers, Instagram or the red carpet, she never fails to delight her fans and gives young girls some serious fashion goals. Throwback to the satrdom filled February, the Wizards of Waverly Place star was spotted going out for dinner with her friends and what she wore was simply out of this world.

1. The Slit Dress

Okay, here’s what drew our eyes first. The dress! Selena wore a satin dress in a cream-colored hue. It almost reminded us of the rocking 70s and we even thought that she would make it into a modern-day adaptation of Charlie’s Angels. Anyways. It was a gorgeous wrap gown with a plunging neckline, which told us that the little diva has been working hard on her fashion sense. This is certainly something that we would want. The most dramatic part of the whole ensemble was the daring thigh-high split that attracted our complete attention.

NASTY GAL, Cue Applause Satin Dress

2. The Bomber Jacket

The next thing we absolutely loved was the Pieced Shearling Bomber jacket that complemented her overall feminine look oh-so perfectly. This was a Coach product made with 100% lamb wool. It also featured a zip closing system as well as side pockets. There were some nice little details here and there done with the leather, like the tassel that hung at the end of the zip. Another thing we loved that this was a two-tone jacket and Selena did not disappoint us with her choice. Opting for a peach-pink combination was a good choice since it went with her satiny dress perfectly.

COACH X Keith Haring Shearling Jacket

3. The Burgundy Pumps

Our next crush were the fabulous pumps that she wore. These were of the pointy variety in a delicious burgundy shade. It seems like velvet is making a comeback to the world of fashion, especially in footwear. Now carrying off a pair of pumps with a formal maxi dress is tricky business, but Selena carried them off like a pro. They didn’t look like they were too tight, which is absolutely a must when wearing pumps. Selena’s pumps looked like a perfect fit and the color complemented her entire look by being the brightest shade in her complete attire.

AQUAZZURA, 105mm Simply Irresistible Suede Pumps

4. 70’s-Inspired Jewelry

It seems Selena’s complete look was heavily 70’s-inspired. The jewelry was a big giveaway that Selena is probably looking at the fashion icons of the 70s for her style statement. She flashed some eye-catching hoop earrings and added a silver, horseshoe shaped pendant that almost reached her waist. We say it was an excellent choice. If Selena was looking to exude a confident, feminine aura, then she definitely succeeded. Not that we think she needed any luck from a horseshoe charm/pendant, what with her nearly coming back with a new program about depression, and resuming her friendship with former boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena surely seems to be entering a new phase of her professional and personal life. Good luck to you, girl!

MARIA BLACK, Phoenix Medi Necklace

SIMPLY SILVER, Rose Gold Sterling Hoop Earrings

YVES SAINT LAURENT’La Laque Couture 74′ Nail Polish

5. Carefree hair

Finally, the hair. Selena seems to have finally said goodbye to her blonde hair and embraced her jet-black tresses. She wore her hair in a very simple fashion, allowing them to hang loosely from a relaxed ponytail. This, in our opinion, was the least flattering thing about her look, since it seemed she did not care about her hair at all. Nevertheless, considering the fact that this was just a girls’ night out for dinner and some casual fun, we will not hold that against her.
So there you have it – our detailed analysis of the new fashion icon on the block. If you are looking for some of the hottest casual, fashionable looks for inspiration, now you know whose Instagram profile to follow.