clinique crayola chubby sticks collaboration

Remember that feeling of opening a new box of Crayola crayons as a kid? The big reveal of pudgy sticks with fruity scents in an array of colours was exhilarating, because, how else would you finish that mountain home scenery?

Well, we’ve got three words for you: CLINIQUE + CRAYOLA + CHUBBY STICK = All Kinds Of Awesome! (Nope, can not/will not wipe that smile off my face.)

Back when Clinique launched their iconic Chubby Sticks we instantly noticed how they looked exactly like the Crayola crayons from our childhood and surely enough, the brands have come together for the most obvious, fitting, and long overdue makeup collab that we just knew would happen.

Clinique is dropping a limited edition of bomb lip shades using our favourite Chubby Sticks as a mould to fashion   10 Crayola-inspired lip pencils. Did you get all that?

So, basically what you can expect is the same super-moisturizing formula with mango and shea butter, but a seriously quirky upgrade in terms of packaging. Also, the two brands shade-matched and name-matched Clinique’s pre-existing shades with Crayola’s most popular colors like Razzmatazz, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and Mango Tango, so this one’s an epic throwback that’s sure to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling; it’s really got us going already.


What’s more, Clinique and Crayola have made sure our nostalgia trip is as legit as possible by making our favorite lippies look just like the crayons in the set. You can buy the shades individually for £17.50 a piece, or get the box set of eight for £35. Make note that this is a Selfridges exclusive in the UK and starting 5th January, will be available for a limited period only so you’ve got to kind of hurry it up.

However, if you miss the bus and are unable to get your hands on these babies, then we recommend healing your wounded little heart with these all-time favourite Chubby Stick shades by Clinique that are priced exactly the same (£17.50):


  1. Think sun, sand, and cocktails—a lazy summer beach day with the Mighty Mimosa tinting your lips pink. Buy this gorge summer fave here.
  2. Our beauty arsenal is incomplete without this everyday essential. Think strong yet understated and you got yourself the Curvy Contour. Buy this daytime shade here.
  3. True to its name Grandest Grape, this majestic jewel-toned color is all you need to feel like royalty. Buy the perfect purple here.
  4. Spending summer days licking ice lollies and hoping the color tints our lips was our childhood dream; making it a reality is the supple Robust Rhubarb. Buy this beautiful tint here.

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