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If you’re renewing your gym lease, browsing through Quinoa recipes and looking up fitness bloggers, you’re feeling 2017’s throbbing fitness vibe. We, for one, love going through fitness blogs and mags. This year, let’s not stop at that…

Did you know? Making minor changes to your everyday routine could do so much for your mind and body in the long run. And, it’s not just about cutting out soft drinks and taking the stairs instead of the elevator; even buying new gym clothes, a fitness band, fun sports bras, yoga mats, and other cute merchandise will help give you that initial push to kickstart your fitness routine. Also, who can say no to glowing skin on Snapchat/sexier Instagram updates? (Erm, throwback to Shay Mitchell’s post-workout snapstories and Selena’s 6 million hit Instapost.) We’re here to make sure your 2017 profile packs a punch too.

First, some inspiration: Check out @bodyism‘s insane MMA clips, @balletbeautiful’s stretch sessions or @massy.arias’s  healthy recipes—they’re craazyy!


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Now, let’s resolve to channel our energies in the right direction and start our fitness goals today. It’s the right year and time. After last year’s political drama and terror attacks, there’s so much positivism doing the rounds in all shapes and forms. People want to stand together for a peaceful 2017 and brands that can influence them have taken a step in the same direction (for instance, Pantone picked green as the colour for 2017 to symbolize harmony).

Let’s do our bit and make sure we’re at our mental and physical best. Here are some workout must-haves to prep you for your journey and make sure you stick to that fitness resolution; it’s a small move, but definitely an effective one:


Now, we all know it’s all about the sports bra. Whether you like jogger pants, yoga bottoms, trackpants, or sweats, a funky bra in vibrant colours and cuts is where all the fun is at; and, of course, it must be form-fitting and functional to keep the girls in check. Luckily, most brands have designs that will make you want to run towards your fitness goals not just feeling great, but looking fabulous, too.
Left to right: Buy the Solow Open Neck Sports Bra hereMaaji Leafy Dune Sports Bra here, B Fit Sports Bra here, Lorna Jane Wrap It Up Sports Bra here, and the Solow Concave Sports Bra here.


The world’s looking up to India, because yoga’s become so significant in our everyday lives. If you walk to a nearby park, lay out your yoga mat and stretch every morning; you’ll need this bag. It’s cozy and the ethnic prints are completely in sync with the yogic vibe.
Buy Ale By Alessandra’s Yoga Bag for £29 here.


Do you do something more dynamic, like maybe HIIT or MMA, before you drive off to work? Then, carry this bag with you because it can pack in a whole lot (water bottle, smoothie flask, snack box, face towel, a change of clothes, deodorant, face wash, makeup kit, shoes, socks). You know you need this.
Buy the Metallic Gym Bag for £30 here.


Ah, we can never have too many socks, can we? While fun prints are always the way to go for everyday wear, when working out, try switching up to these Nike socks that are lightweight, durable, and provide good traction. They can make a difference to the way your shoe fits around your foot, and even give you a better grip while running.
Buy the Nike Lightweight Socks for £9 here.


Scrunchies are back, haven’t you heard? They were one of the big throwback trends of 2016 and for those who work out, will continue to be a staple in their fitness must-haves.
Buy the Miso Scrunchie for £1.50 here.


Callouses on your hands from pulling up weights and hanging from barbells? The struggle is real. It may seem like gym goers where gloves to look cool, but they’re really functional and work well for those who indulge in bodyweight exercises at home or in the park, too.
Buy the Fingerless Training Gloves for £25 here.


Tights aren’t very flattering and short shorts are just too much information. These 2-in-1 shorts are a solution for both these concerns. Also, how cute are they, no?
Buy the 2-in-1 Gym Shorts for £33 here.


Heading off to work right after your workout can take a toll on your hair, leaving it greasy and unkept. You might’ve just washed it that day but it doesn’t matter, the sweat’s going to make your tresses look limp anyway. Use a dry shampoo to give your hair a healthy bounce. It’s a blessing in disguise and a celebrity #commuterbeauty secret.
Buy Oribe’s Dry Shampoo for £37 here. 

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