j'adior ss17 campaign video

J’Adior. If your mind’s taking you back to Carrie Bradshaw scouring the markets of Abu Dhabi in SATC 2 (the movie), then yes, imprinted in our minds and on her shirt is the iconic lettering by the house of Dior which continues to punctuate the brand’s apparel and accessories.

Just in: The J’Adior campaign video along with Dior Revolution and the SS17 clips have us feeling upbeat and excited about accessories this year. If you missed the Haute Couture showcase (you must watch it here), then this is probably a good way to catch up to speed.

Dior SS17 Must-Have Accessories

Expect to see J’Adior everywhere you look—it’s on bag fasteners, choker necklaces, Dior sunglasses, sneaker tops, and drop earrings, too. This line of accessories is for the sensual, self-assured, independent and fierce Dior millennial who likes to make an unapologetic statement about her choices.

The Dior Revolution

In Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first outing as the new artistic director of the brand, we clearly see a Dio(r) Revolution as the designer at the helm takes a feminist stand with her collection. Certainly a departure from Raf Simons who stepped down from the position in 2015 (he moved to Calvin Klein, catch his debut collection here), Chiuri wants you to wear the pants in this relationship with bold sheer panels and innerwear as outerwear to make a statement.

Raf vs Maria—that’s never been the debate. It’s all about being relevant, and in the face of all that matters in 2017, Chiuri gives the people what they want with her “We Should All Be Feminists T-Shirt”, which has become the most coveted piece of clothing this season. Everyone from Rihanna and Natalie Portman to Jennifer Lawrence and Chiara Ferragni have been spotted in it.

With Trump’s anti-abortion stand bringing women out to the streets and many still waiting for the day a global leader like America gets its first female President, many brands are pitching feminism to contribute to the conversation and social change. Of the lot, Dior inarguably is being embraced as an ambassador as Maria Grazia Chiuri lets her designs do all the talking and they sure have a lot to say.

What’s more, she’s roped in Brigette Lacombe to direct the campaign videos as part of The Women Behind The Lens initiative, which Maria is using as a channel to celebrate the work of female photographers and videographers from around the world.

Even in the campaign, models Ruth and May Bell are hoping to portray the varied facets of women and how each one is unique no matter what the stereotype or the similarities. Casting identical twins, a stroke of genius, right? Not sure if it was intended, though.

Dior Bestsellers

As we wait for the release of the latest SS17 collection in stores, we rely on iconic bestsellers to get our Dior fix. Ahem, make note, they’re from the more affordable line-up which is why we have zero guilt about the big splurge:

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