Navigating the world of fashion as a petite girl can be quite daunting, especially finding flattering clothes that don’t make you look like a human McNugget. Granted, the Olsen twins slay red carpets (well, most times), while defying every rule in the petite girl fashion guide, but that doesn’t mean all of us have the caliber and designer Godfathers to defy the fashion Gods. So, what’s the best we can do? We can enhance the body we have with some effective tips and tricks that don’t have us breaking the bank.

Matching Separates

Wearing the same colour or pattern head to toe creates an optical illusion of symmetry. It provides the wearer with a streamlined shape, hence, making one seem taller than usual. Miroslava Duma  founder of Bruno 24/7 is the queen of petite girl fashion. Here she dons a Gabriela Hearst ink blue pinstripe suit. The matching blazer and trouser have been paired smartly with neutral shoes and bags courtesy Paul Andrew. Neutral accessories blend well with the body and can further add inches to your frame.

Miroslava Duma gabriela hearst paul andrew petite girl

  Image Courtesy Miroslava Duma

Blazer trousers open toe heels box clutch

Altuzarra Blazer £514, Isabel Marant Trouser £117 ,John Lewis Box Clutch £35, New Look Heels £14

V- Necks

Lucky for us, this petite girl hack is also one of 2017’s most popular trend. Plunging necklines have been a red carpet constant throughout the awards season and have been making consistent appearances on our favorite Instagram accounts too. So, apart from being THE trend to follow, how do V-necks help petite girls? Well, for starters, they create the illusion of a more elongated neckline which in turn makes the torso look leaner and taller. Lia from CuriouserLia makes sure if she opts for full-sleeved blouses, then she always keeps the neckline open. V-necks are Pilates for lazy people (and we are not complaining!)

CuriouserLia petite blogger V necks

 Image Credits: CuriouserLia

V Neck Blouses

Gerard Darel, Blouse, £64

Cropped Lowers, Or Extra Long Bottoms

When it comes to jeans or trousers, it is best to opt for one of the following two silhouettes as anything in between is always a twilight zone. Stick to cropped jeans and trousers—a sliver of visible ankle actually adds dimension to your frame as opposed to shoe-grazing hemlines. Similarly, floor-skimming bottoms also elongate your legs. (Added bonus: You can wear towering heels underneath for those extra inches). Blogger Sydne from Sydne Style effortlessly works both silhouettes.

sydne summer petite blogger cropped jeans long trousers

Image Credits: Sydne Summer

Alexander Wang Cropped Jeans

Alexander Wang, Cropped Jeans, £ 234

Wide leg trousers

Topshop, Trousers, £46

High-Waisted Everything

High waist bottoms are a petite girl’s best friend (aside from towering heels!). Skirts, jeans, trousers, shorts, no matter what you choose, stick to a mid- or high-rise silhouette as it instantly elongates your legs (cue, Gisele Bundchen legs illusion; well, the closest possible illusion us girls under 5’4 can achieve). Sheryl Luke from Walk in Wonderland always looks like she has legs for days. Now, is that just skilled photography or wise outfit choices? Your call, ladies!

Sheryl Luke Petite blogger walk in wonderland

Image Credits: Sheryl Luke

Versace High Waist Vertical strip skirt

Versace, High Waist Skirt, £554

Pointed Shoes

An extremely simple and effective way to extend short legs is by opting for pointed shoes. The extended tip stretches the gaze of the eye and makes your lower limbs appear longer than they are.  The reason why pointed shoes work better than round tip shoes is because round tips cut the legs off abruptly, making the calves appear stubby and short, whereas pointed tips create a sort of seamless structure that looks leaner. Kelly from Alternations Needed has been slaying the shoe game with her classic pointed pumps and we are soaking up all the shoe inspiration we can get!

kelly petite blogger alterations needed

Image Credits: Kelly from Alternations Needed 

christian Louboutin pointed shoes

Christian Louboutin, Pointed Shoes, £407

A-Line Silhouette

It is a given that an A-line is a universally flattering form for literally every body shape. Plus size, skinny, short, tall, it has a way of making all the flaws disappear. A-line shapes are deceiving and brilliant and we can’t be more in love with them! They distract the eye from focusing on the actual frame of a person and create extended lines which make you look, well you guessed it, taller! Tam from Hello Framboise is no newcomer to this tried-and-tested, always on point silhouette, and you shouldn’t be either.

tam petite blogger hello framboise a line silhouette

Image Credits: Tam from Hello Frabmboise 

Oscar De La Renta A Line Dress

Oscar De La Renta, A-Line Dress, £1574 

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