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As much as we love our designer threads, there’s nothing better than a label with a conscience that can deliver the goods. And that’s how we came upon Colombian brand Casa Lefay. They source responsibly and only make use of organic materials to create books, cosmetics, and some of the most beautiful clothes that revel in romanticism, culture, fluidity, and form.

Now while the trend for fashion with a conscience is on the rise, there are a handful of brands which have already made their mark in the space. But until more labels like Casa Lefay surface (and we hope many do), we’ve got owner Maria Jose helping us shop for fashion and beauty brands that vibe with the same principles as her label—yes, they’re all sustainably sourced and produced.

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Over To Maria Jose

A while ago, it seemed strange to talk about sustainable brands. Today it is not only a necessary movement, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular with A-list designers and celebrities endorsing the change. Every day there is a bigger tribe that wants to put a grain of sand to change the world.

Of the people I most admire and respect for owning this change are five labels in the fashion and beauty space:

Stella McCartney

She is one of the pioneers in terms of sustainability. Her company not only makes use of environmentally friendly materials such as recycled fabrics, organic cotton, and other biodegradable materials, the brand’s offices in the UK work with renewable wind energy and its production is committed to recycling and producing the least amount of waste.

Needless to say, Stella McCartney’s collections are manufactured under ethical parameters and are linked to different projects that seek to innovate, both in terms of the environment and design.

She is also a pioneer in creating friendly alternatives to animal hydes as well. In fact, her brand was the creator of the first vegan Stan Smith shoes. “I was brought up on an organic farm. I was brought up in a way that was conscious. We had sheep. We never killed them. We sheared them and made rugs. So I was not going to start a job that was hypocritical!” she said.

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Viktor & Rolf

This Dutch label founded in 1993 resonates among the world of haute couture, as it was the one to showcase one of the premier sustainable lines on the runway. They don’t just use recycled material, but get innovative by using their previous collections to recreate new pieces, or even vintage clothing to generate new geometries and textures; the brand’s creative capacity is the best environmentally friendly tool they employ.

One of Victor & Rolf’s most inspiring collections “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, was a tribute to the deconstruction. Its elaboration was made from fragments of dresses of old collections whose unions were made in gold. It was a nod to the Japanese technique Kintsugi that reconstructs old broken ceramics, leaving the repairs visible, and in this way exalting the beauty of what we consider imperfect.

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Burt’s Bees

It is perhaps one of the most recognised brands worldwide that is continually striving to exalt the benefits of nature and the importance of its conservation. Their purpose: Cater to the people, the profits, and the planet.

They strive to produce under fair trading parameters where all the members of the company can feel part of a conscious project. The materials they use come from natural elements, and they even make their packaging environmentally friendly.

Taking nature as an example, their products hope to leave the same footprint that a bee leaves in passing, so they are committed to leaving zero waste after the production. Their work is unstoppable and now they are betting on water conservation by returning the water they use to reserves like the Colorado River.

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Vivienne Westwood

A whole life dedicated to the creation and breaking of limits, Vivienne Westwood is easily one of the most revolutionary designers in the world today. Her brand’s commitment to sustainability is based on fair work where she employs artisans in situations of vulnerability—66% of them are women, and 85% were under the age of 40.

Their social behaviour isn’t about enslaving people. It’s about recognising their needs in an integral way; their intention is to rescue and exalt the value of craftsmanship, handmade clothing, and the work of culture through manual labour.

On the other hand, the use of materials with meaning is also a fundamental part of their work. They ensure high quality by committing to ancestral practices. “The recycling of waste and unwanted materials is of paramount importance,” she said.

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It is a fashion brand that came to life in 2013 thanks to the work of its founder Paola Masperi. Her main commitment is to the women of Africa where she works with women’s co-operatives in Malawi.

Paola Masperi creates workshops that are committed to not only give a decent job to her workers but to support them in all areas of their lives by providing them with nutrition, education and skills training.

Many are victims of HIV, orphans, or women experiencing difficult conditions due to poverty. Perhaps from a Western point of view fair work may seem a logical measure, but this mark is a sign that not everyone lives idyllic realities and Paola Masperi is not just aware of it, she’s doing something about it.

In addition to community support, Myamiko products are continually extolling artisanal work and traditional African practices, so they use typical materials and handpicked textiles from the Malawi markets. And the pieces can vary between 12 and 15 per model. Many of them are dyed and handmade with natural pigments.

They also observe zero waste policies by using 90 to 100% of the fabric cuts in order to generate the least possible impact.

If you loved this piece, Maria Jose, and the Casa Lefay brand as much as we did, be sure to catch them here to view and buy their collections, and keep the dialogue on sustainability going. 

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