how to wear the colour of the moment-chartreuse

At the moment, there’s a colour that’s plastered all over the high street; a colour that is present in every store, a colour that pops on the shelves, and a colour that we just can’t seem to get away from. Although, we wouldn’t want to escape this hue in question because it really is that beautiful.

Step forward, Chartreuse.

What exactly is Chartreuse, we hear you ask?

Chartreuse is a hue that falls between yellow and green. It’s named after a French liqueur that is hundreds of years old due to its astounding resemblance in tone. And it seems that the fashion world has finally taken notice!

Here’s how to wear the colour of the moment: Chartreuse.

Pick a key piece.

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Pure Collection Gassato Cashmere Polo Neck Sweater, £110.00

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Pure Collection Silk Satin T Shirt, £99.00

The best way to experiment with this “in” hue is to test the waters with a key piece. By key piece, we mean an outfit separate, such as a top or some bottoms.

This way, you’re experimenting with the trend without fully investing at this stage.

There are currently some gorgeous Chartreuse separates on the high street at the moment, such as high-waisted floaty skirts, soft knitted jumpers, and silky t-shirts. Take your pick!

Wear your key piece with black.

mango chain print midi skirt

Mango Chain Print Midi Skirt, £49.99

Black and Chartreuse look absolutely amazing together. They’re sassy, they stand out, and they brighten up even the dreariest Autumnal day.

If you want to rock a Chartreuse miniskirt, why not pair it with a cool black crop top for a night out on the town? Or, simply combine your Chartreuse knitted cardigan with a cute black cami and black fitted trousers for a fun, yet smart, office look.

Either way, black and Chartreuse is the way to go, ladies!

Throw on a dress for a smart casual occasion.

alicia ponte dress

Alicia Ponte Dress, £36.00

Chartreuse is the perfect hue to show up in at your work or family Christmas party. It has that dressy feel to it, without being too overpowering.

The current Chartreuse dresses on the high street are stunning. From fitted and feminine numbers to floaty and bohemian maxis, we love them all!

Pair your dress of choice with black heeled boots and silver jewellery to make a serious style statement at your special event this season.

Don’t go head-to-toe in Chartreuse.

chartreuse double button trench coat

Chartreuse Double Button Trench Coat, £84.00

If you were thinking of rocking this new hue head-to-toe, then a word of warning: don’t. It will look too much if you combine a Chartreuse dress or coat with Chartreuse shoes, for example.

The trick is to let your Chartreuse piece stand out and do the talking, but don’t give it too much to say.

Choose an accent accessory.

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Victoria Beckham Classic Victoria Chartreuse Aviator Style Sunglasses, £345.00

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Pure Collection Ultra Soft Modal Scarf, £45.00

It’s true that Chartreuse is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re feeling a little shy about it, then why not just nod to the trend through an outfit accent, such as a scarf, a handbag, or some other kind of accessory.

Just a little touch of Chartreuse can give your outfit that much-needed pop it requires during these wintry months where the weather is dull, the temperatures are low, and you just need a bit of warmth in your life –  even if it is just in the form of an outfit colour!

Whether you’re a Chartreuse beginner or an avid Chartreuse addict, this hue provides the perfect outfit pick-me-up for fall. You can choose to play it safe with an accent accessory, or go for key piece ensemble, but – either way – choose Chartreuse this season and you won’t go far wrong.

(The French liqueur is optional.)

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