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Spring has arrived and with it, the sprightly tie-dye tee. Buoyant, casual and light-as-air, it’s now the go-to wardrobe staple for women who seem to be Google-ing at-home DIYs for an affordable and innovative fix. What’s more, they want to canvas it on the basic tee because it pairs well with everything. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to get on board with Spring-Summer’s hottest fashion trend?

Materials That You Will Need:

  • Plastic sheets, newspapers, and a cardboard
  • A Tie-Dye Craft Kit: This typically contains dyes in piping bottles, rubber gloves, rubber bands, soda ash, urea, and yes, an instruction manual.
  • A bucket
  • Plastic zip-lock bag
  • Wooden dowel (a solid cylindrical rod)
  • 100% cotton T-shirt

Precautionary Measures:

  1. Spread plastic sheets, newspapers, and cardboard to create a firm work area and prevent colour transfer.
  2. Wear rubber gloves, especially when using the soda ash, and the dye.
  3. Wear a mask so you don’t inhale fumes from the coloured powder.

How To: Tie-Dye Your Tee At Home

  1. If it’s a new cotton tee, wash it thoroughly before you begin the process just to make sure you have a clean canvas for your tie-dye project.
  2. Soak it in warm water, soda ash, and some common salt for about 10 minutes.
  3. Wring it thoroughly.
  4. Place the wooden rod at the center of the T-shirt and begin twisting in one direction.
  5. Once it’s wound, remove the rod and secure the wrap with rubber bands; a minimum of four bands.
  6. Visualise the tee in 4/3/2 parts, depending upon the colours you have. Pipe them onto each of these parts.
  7. Flip the entire wrap backward, and pipe the colours again (corresponding with the colours on the front)
  8. Now that it’s done, place the dyed tee in a plastic bag and leave it in a warm place for 24 hours. (About 8 hours minimum, for those who are in a rush.)
  9. Done? Take it out and run it under cold water until it bleeds clear (it’ll run black for a while, so be patient).
  10. Wash it again separately in the washing machine, and you’re done!

Confused? Here’s a video we found that will show you how it’s done, one step at a time:

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